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The All-In-One App!

  • OneClick Is Trusted By Over 30,000 Chick-fil-A® Team Members & Leaders

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Product Overview

The #1 all-in-one Teams, Shifts, Accountability, Breaks, Checklists & Training Management solution that enables restaurant operators to more effectively organize, communicate and modernize their Team Member management system. The app delivers critical information to leaders to help them make the best decisions and communicate them in most cases with one simple click. The powerful, easy-to-use platform has a wide range of features created with you in mind.

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Built By Chick-fil-A® Leaders For Chick-fil-A® Leaders

Our Formula For Your Success:

  • Initially built from the inside by a Chick-fil-A® leader
  • We hire current and former Chick-fil-A® leaders and advisors to continue to innovate on the exact solutions needed, and provide the best support to our customers
  • We take Chick-fil-A® Operator, Leader & Team Member feedback seriously and work to implement these ideas

Benefits to Leaders & Team Members


  • Hold all your Leaders & Team Members accountable for shift management, putting aces in their places, tracking breaks, completing checklists, infractions, tracking training progress and more
  • Get better service from better trained, better-managed Team Members
  • Standardize the care for your employees with easy systems
  • Notify any Team Member of unacceptable behavior like coming in late, not wearing their badge, etc. via an email
  • Get less turnover of employees due to an increase in communication, organization, and employee happiness


  • Hold everyone accountable
  • Standardized performance ratings for consistency
  • Achievement expectations clearly communicated to team members
  • Access to all training notes for each team member
  • Easily assign any number of Team Members into any number of Checklists complete

Trainers & Shift Leaders

  • Intuitive design with a drag-n-drop interface feels like a natural process
  • Mid-shift assignment changes that were previously a chaotic mess, are no longer
  • Guided team member assignments and highlight holes
  • Communicate multiple assignment changes per shift
  • Plan breaks efficiently and make sure they are not missed
  • Break Manager automatically updates with the correct step-by-step instructions for shift leaders (patent pending)
  • Note area for special instructions that streamlines team communication
  • Layouts customized by the time of day
    Up-to-date team roster with approved shift changes imported from your scheduling software

Team Members

  • Check assignment before arriving to work and make decisions based on weather and where you will be
  • Be mentally prepared for the shift knowing beforehand where team members will be assigned
  • Gamified progress w/ badges showing opportunities for further advancement for each Team Member
  • No confusion about employee breaks
  • Nicknames enhance fun and closeness for team members

Key Features

Clear Communication

​OneClick integrates all the information you already have access to, but couldn’t do anything with it until now.

We start with basic shift information like Time In and Time Out pulled automatically from your scheduling software, then we run it through our algorithms and Training Data so leaders know how to put their Aces in their Places to provide the guests the best service possible. You can now plan your shifts days or weeks ahead of time. 

The OneClick Web and native Android & Apple mobile apps mean everyone can login on any browser or device, at home or at work, to get their job done.

Your store will run more predictably and efficiently once everyone is prepared for their jobs ahead of time.

Drag & Drop Layouts

Shifting humans around isn't hard, so why should it be with software? OneClick provides the simplest way to think through the strengths of your team in a staging environment, so you can easily visualize and make proper assignments ahead of time.

No more scribbling out names and drawing crazy arrows on paper. No more typing out lists of employees and forgetting who's off at 4 pm. No more wasting time questioning who came in for Jennie today.

With just OneClick, you have all that information available for everyone to see. That means you'll be confidently giving your Team Members the very best tools to succeed, so they can spend more time providing stellar service instead of managing chaos due to using sub-par systems.

Built-In Shift, Training, Accountability, Checklists & Breaks Management

How good is Ty at iPOS?

We all know that Ty loves to play football, but how good is he at iPOS? When we're deep in the lunch rush and 15 orders off screen, will he do the procedures and policies correctly? Might he be better on the Window instead?

You could just be sending Ty where he was yesterday, and the day before, and every shift before that for the past month, but that might not be the best place for him. Besides, Ty likes a little variety.

Keep track of that information and let your employees learn new positions by assigning, storing and tracking that information in OneClick.


Free Features for Life

​Get everything you need in one place for free. 

  • A robust Accountability points system for HR to track demerits and corrections that Team Members need to make to excel at their position
  • An extensive Checklists feature where any number of team members on shift can be assigned and check off until it is completed

Team/Shift Management

​This starter package includes everything you need to organize yours shifts, leaders & team members:

  • Save the trees! Switch to digital and free your leaders from the hassle of figuring out who's here and who goes where
  • Track all your employees, including shift swaps, on a simple interface with data imported directly from your scheduling software
  • Basic break management features let you know who's on break, who needs a break, and who already ate even when the leader is in the back office. Basic Breaks includes one break per team member per day. If you need to track more breaks or more logic required by your local labor laws please consider using the Advanced Breaks Add On
  • No more scrubbing whiteboards or sharing paper sketches and lists of names! Plan your shifts days in advance
  • We didn't forget the kitchen, drive through, delivery, catering or anything else! OneClick works just as well in any area that is not just the BOH or FOH

Training Management

Get everything you need to keep track of individual Team Member and Leader training:

  • Track training! Collect and store ratings per employee and by station, in a centralized place
  • Managers stay in the know, even if they are new, about how well Team Members perform in each position
  • Smart algorithms analyze training data to place Aces In Their Places with a single click, saving you hours from the alternative
  • Use a one-to-five star skills rating system to rate team members on every position they've worked
  • Keep the manager ratings locked so that only other managers can see them or make them public so that it becomes a positive feedback tool between team members and managers

Advanced Break Management

Get everything you need to keep track of breaks and report on them:

  • Ensure labor law compliance
  • Reduce break policy abuse by team members
  • Includes the ability to track the amount of time a team member lingers around before really going on break
  • Comprehensive reporting saves your accountant hours of tedious payroll work to accurately account for missed and taken breaks
  • Track multiple rest period and meal breaks according to local labor laws
  • Pending Break Timer helps team members get on break in a timely manner
  • Countdown Break Timer helps team members return to work quickly
  • Optionally, you can also select between break options
  • Easily create reports when audited

What Our Customers Have To Say

Director of Talent Development

Kevin Johnson

"OneClick is passionate about helping your shifts run smoothly."

Director of Operations

Caleb Deatherage

"This software will help so many restaurants"

General Manager

Jessica Lainheart

"We Run A $9 Million Chick-fil-A™ On OneClickApp.com.”

Chief Operations Officer

Cary Williams

"We saved 45 minutes a set up, 12 setups a week, saving us 9 hours of labor at a 14 dollar average wage save us around 6500 dollars a year in labor spent on setups."

Director of Operations

Chris Redding

“It’s a game changer for us. Doing all digitally instead of a clipboard or trying to find a pen is huge for us!"


Marie Jensen

"It has given our leaders great insight on how our team is doing, especially our trainees. This tool has allowed our leaders to focus on areas to help grow our team."

FOH Director

Krysta Shockley

"We love OneClickApp."

Executive Director

Carolina Witcher

"We're ready to get into the digital age with this part of our restaurant functionality."

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