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Supercharge your HR & leadership Gameplan & get smooth-running shifts with a proven Playbook, with an easy-to-use drag-&-drop interface. Chick-fil-A® VendorBridge Approved. Text or call us now (404) 999-6055.

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Built from the inside by James Finlinson, a former teenage Chick-fil-A® Team Member working at the Ammon, ID store.

James is a great success story for the Chick-fil-A® franchise. He is a product of their leadership training while employed for one of the best service-oriented organizations in the world. James took it to heart when taught that he should give "second-mile service" in everything you do in life. Noticing that he could create technical solutions to help Operators run more efficient teams he developed OneClick and signed up his employer as his first customer.

After proving that the concept was sound, James recruited seasoned executive leaders with vast experience in working with Fortune 500 companies to scale software solutions.

Today, One in 20 Chick-fil-A® Operators Trust OneClick. That's 20,000 Leaders & Team Members who produce over $1.3 Billion in annual food sales.

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Data as of March, 2022


General Manager

Jessica Lainheart

"We Run A [very successful] Chick-fil-A® On”

Chief Operations Officer

Cary Williams

"We saved 45 minutes a set up, 12 setups a week, saving us 9 hours of labor at a 14 dollar average wage save us around 6500 dollars a year in labor spent on setups."

Director of Operations

Chris Redding

“It’s a game changer for us. Doing all digitally instead of a clipboard or trying to find a pen is huge for us!"


Marie Jensen

"It has given our leaders great insight on how our team is doing, especially our trainees. This tool has allowed our leaders to focus on areas to help grow our team."

Key Benefits

Leader benefits:

  • Operators
  • Trainers
  • Shift Leaders
  • Team Members

Key features:

  • Clearer communication
  • Drag & drop layouts
  • Built-in training

Product options:

  • Team/Shift Management
  • Training Management
  • Advanced Breaks Tracking

What's The Bottom Line?

OneClick is the #1 all-in-one Shift, Breaks & Training Management solution that enables Operators to more effectively organize, communicate and modernize their Team Member management needs.

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