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Meet your newest team member.

Subscribing to OneClickApp is like hiring a new staff member to supercharge team productivity by taking care of the following:

  • Automate HotSchedules data syncing
  • Notify staff of position assignments
  • Visualize breaks to be taken
  • Track labor law compliance
  • Rate skill proficiency
  • Track training progress
  • Keep shifts running smoothly with aces in their places
  • Offload tedious copying work from leaders

OneClickApp accomplishes this without extra effort or a financial burden. In just the leadership time saved not copying schedules or with just one less team member turn over per month, OneClickApp pays for itself. We set our pricing at a level that lets us grow as you grow, so we too can continuously improve, innovate and fulfill our goal of helping every restaurant have a positive influence on all who come in contact. 

  • Is it worth the cost of one Grilled Chicken Sandwich to alleviate team management headaches for an entire day?
  • The OneClickApp development team is listening to your feedback and implements many features and improvements suggested by restaurant leaders. Think of us as your custom software development team that is listening to you and working to digitize and modernize your restaurant operations.

Team Management

Team roster with HotSchedules synchronization to manage setups/gameplans throughout the day.

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  • Checkmark Customized positions and layouts
  • Checkmark Assign staff to positions
  • Checkmark Sync with HotSchedules
  • Checkmark Track all Team Members
  • Checkmark Break tracking (1 break)

Training Management

Track team member training progress and skill level

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  • Checkmark Track training in unlimited positions
  • Checkmark Five-star rating system
  • Checkmark Rate Team Members
  • Checkmark Managers stay in the know
  • Checkmark Shift leaders know the aces
  • Checkmark Customize training progress visibility

Advanced Breaks

Advanced break management views, reports, and multiple breaks auto calculated per team member

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  • Checkmark Track Unlimited Breaks
  • Checkmark Ensure labor law compliance
  • Checkmark Abuse reduction
  • Checkmark Track lingerers
  • Checkmark Comprehensive reporting
  • Checkmark Track multiple meal or rest breaks
  • Checkmark Pending Break Timer
  • Checkmark Countdown Break Timer
  • Checkmark Break options