Meet Your Newest Director Of Technology, OneClick, That Works 24/7 And Starts At Only $5 Per Day!

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Features & Pricing

Your Return On Your Investment

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Chick-fil-A® Operators report that for every $1 invested on OneClick they receive over $10 in operational benefit in the following areas.

  • Fast setups with one single click, saving between 3 to 17 Leader labor hours per week
  • VendorBridge secure data sync (same data as HotSchedules®)
  • Simple Training ratings manager + Pathways progress tracker
  • Smooth running shifts
  • Increased leader communication
  • Break management including saved historical data, reports for labor law compliance, accounting & auditing purposes
  • An all-in-one app reduces stress, training and tracking of multiple apps
  • Increase personal accountability throughout the entire restaurant
  • Accountability/Infractions points system
  • Increased leader & team member retention
  • Assign Checklists to one or multiple team members
  • HR & Accounting data saves time and effort
  • Incentivize Team Members with reward points that are tracked in one place

Built By Chick-fil-A® Leaders For Chick-fil-A® Leaders

Built from the inside
  • Built from the inside by a Chick-fil-A® leader
We hire insiders

We hire current and former Chick-fil-A® leaders and advisors to continue to innovate on the exact solutions needed, and provide the best support to our customers

We take insider feedback seriously

We take Chick-fil-A® Operator, Leader & Team Member feedback seriously and work to implement these ideas

Finally! The All-In-One App That You've Been Looking For.

Subscribing to OneClick is like hiring one full-time Director to supercharge your team's productivity by taking care of the following:

  • Track Accountability and Infraction points for bad behavior
  • Keep shifts running smoothly by adding "Aces In Their Places" with a single click, while also saving you hours
  • Offload tedious writing or copying and pasting work from leaders
  • Automate HotSchedules data syncing to OneClick through the Chick-fil-A® official VendorBridge program
  • Quickly make changes when emergencies or not-planned changes arise
  • Track completion of Checklists assigned to multiple Team Members at once
  • Rate skill proficiency by Team Member and Leader
  • Track training progress, including Pathways training
  • Notify staff of position assignments
  • Visualize breaks to be taken
  • Track labor law compliance
  • And much more...

OneClick accomplishes this, and more, without extra effort or a financial burden. In just the leadership time saved not copying schedules, or with just one less Team Member turn over per month, OneClick pays for itself. We set our pricing at a level that lets you grow as we grow, so we too can continuously improve, innovate and fulfill our goal of helping every CFA restaurant. 

At this point you may want to ask yourself these questions before requesting a free trial:

  • If over 30,000 Chick-fil-A® team members and leaders already trust and find daily value in OneClick to help manage their shifts on a daily basis, is it worth it for me to invest some time to try it out?
  • Is it worth the investment of less than an order of Small Waffle Fries or a Chicken Sandwich to alleviate team management headaches from your team for an entire day?
  • How much would I have to pay to have a Leader manage all of the things that OneClick will automatically manage for us per hour, per day, and per year?

The value of OneClick: CFA Operators report that for every $1 invested in OneClick they receive over $10 in operational benefit.

A No-Risk Trial: There is zero risk to you. Try OneClick for free and if you don't like it you can quit. But, you also get to keep these 100% free features that save other restaurants over $1,200/yr: Checklists & Accountability.




Customer Testimonials

Director of Talent Development

Kevin Johnson

"OneClick is passionate about helping your shifts run smoothly."

Director of Operations

Caleb Deatherage

"This software will help so many restaurants"

General Manager

Jessica Lainheart

"We Run A $9 Million Chick-fil-A™ On”

Chief Operations Officer

Cary Williams

"We saved 45 minutes a set up, 12 setups a week, saving us 9 hours of labor at a 14 dollar average wage save us around 6500 dollars a year in labor spent on setups."

Director of Operations

Chris Redding

“It’s a game changer for us. Doing all digitally instead of a clipboard or trying to find a pen is huge for us!"


Marie Jensen

"It has given our leaders great insight on how our team is doing, especially our trainees. This tool has allowed our leaders to focus on areas to help grow our team."

FOH Director

Krysta Shockley

"We love OneClickApp."

Executive Director

Carolina Witcher

"We're ready to get into the digital age with this part of our restaurant functionality."