About Us

Executive Team


Michael Alvarez

Founder & CEO


Entrepreneur and leader, with Fortune 500 experience, who thrives on creating strategies and building teams to scale e-commerce & software businesses.

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James Finlinson

Founder & Dev. Lead


Passionate developer. Started OneClickApp to solve the problems he saw that needed fixing for Chick-fil-A® stores.

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Jan Finlinson

Founder & CTO


Engineer/MBA/Entrepreneur. Jan has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, leadership and technology.

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Built By Chick-fil-A® Leaders For Chick-fil-A® Leaders

Built From The Inside

Built from the inside by a Chick-fil-A® leader

We Hire Insiders

We hire current and former Chick-fil-A® leaders and advisors to continue to innovate on the exact solutions needed, and provide the best support to our customers

We Implement Insider Feedback

We take Chick-fil-A® Operator, Leader & Team Member feedback seriously and work to implement these ideas

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Give restaurants the most beneficial team management software experience possible


We will improve the efficiency of how restaurants are run everywhere


Obsess over customers, not competitors


G.A.P.: Gratitude, Accountability & Passion


Chick-fil-A® is our focus. Your success is our passion

Our Story

Christmas Dinner 2022

OneClick Christmas Dinner 2022

OneClick was initially started by James Finlinson, a former teenage Chick-fil-A® Team Member working at the Ammon, ID store.

A few weeks into his first job at the Chick-fil-A® in Ammon, Idaho, James Finlinson approached his Director in the back office to ask a question. He was surprised to find Jessica busy viewing posted schedules on her phone and manually typing team member names and shift times into a Google Sheet as part of the setup process. After the names and times were in the spreadsheet, the shift leaders copied and pasted team member names into positions as they made daily game plans to run the shifts. Many leadership hours were used in a very inefficient way.

James, having a passion for programming, asked if he could help to automate these repetitive tasks by creating a software solution. His store became customer #1, paying James for the use of this tool.

After graduating from high school James left on a 2-year mission to Mexico for his church. However, 6 months later, an unexpected COVID-19 pandemic required James to return home where he resumed working for his store in Ammon, ID. This gave him more time to continue to improve the OneClick software. During a 4 month period while he was home, he connected with Michael Alvarez, an experienced SaaS scalability expert & entrepreneur whose first job as a teenager was in the fast food industry at his local Taco Bell. Before James left again to complete his mission, James partnered with Mike who became the CEO of OneClick. Michael recruited Jan Finlinson, James' father, to coordinate building a technical team, scaling the platform, and developing new functionality. Together, Michael and Jan grew the company 2,333% during the time James was away.

A year later James completed his mission and the team is now working together to continue the explosive growth, with a laser-focused strategy to only serve Chick-fil-A® restaurants. The OneClick executive team leverages experience gained by scaling their own businesses as well as working for tech giants including eBay, Omniture (now ADOBE), MyFamily.com, Ancestry.com, Alianza, ILLUMRA, RunLessWire, Yellow Pages Directories and others.

The bottom line is that James is a great success story for the Chick-fil-A® franchise. He is a product of his leadership training while employed for one of the best service-oriented organizations in the world. James took it to heart when taught that he should give "second mile service" in everything you do in life. He noticed that he had the ability to create technical solutions to help Operators & Leaders run more efficient teams so he spent his free time to code solutions to make this a reality.

Today, we hire current and former Chick-fil-A® leaders to continue to add value to our customers. OneClick now serves over 30,000 Chick-fil-A® Team Members & Leaders who produce nearly $2 Billion in annual food sales.