Our Story


Started from the inside by James Finlinson, a former Chick-fil-A® Team Member in Ammon, Idaho recognized inefficiencies while observing his director Jessica tediously transcribing schedules to Google Sheets. A product of Chick-fil-A’s exceptional leadership training that taught him to always think “second-mile service,” James decided to help his director by automating her daily tedious tasks through an app.

Today, OneClickApp is in capable hands. Michael Alvarez, OneClickApp CEO, and CTO Jan Finlinson, with vast experience in startups and Fortune 500 tech giants like eBay and ADOBE, have created a solid foundation that is scalable.

We have chosen to focus all of our efforts on Chick-fil-A. We now serve over 40,000 team members and leaders on a daily basis.


Our Team


Christmas Dinner 2022

OneClick Team Chritsmas Dinner 2022

Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer

D31E83A5-7651-4872-8B7F-75D290B37AC2_1_102_oMichael Alvarez
Entrepreneur and leader, with Fortune 500 experience who thrives on creating strategies and building teams to 
scale e-commerce & software businesses.
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Chief Technology Officer

400F1D57-B719-4922-8F24-452AE073B15C_1_102_oJan Finlinson
Engineer/MBA/Entrepreneur. Jan has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology. View LinkedIn Profile

Developer Lead & Former Chick-fil-A Employee

F64B40A3-8649-4D7C-88B0-4FE9808522FC_1_102_oJames Finlinson
Passionate developer. Started OneClickApp to solve the problems he saw that needed fixing for Chick-fil-A stores. View LinkedIn Profile