Employment Opportunities

Our passion is in providing you with the opportunity to grow and become your best self Professionally. It is also to provide restaurant Operators & leaders using the OneClick software applications that help them manage a large number of team members on a daily basis. If you share similar passions we invite you to apply!

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We are a startup with incredible growth potential

Started by a former Chick-fil-A® employee who knew he could make a difference by improving operations for his store leaders. Today OneClick serves over 40,000 restaurant employees and leaders.

Are you a culture fit?

Below is a set of words that we used to describe someone who is a perfect cultural fit.

Positive Smart Self-sufficient
Passionate Helpful Problem-solving
Professional Curious Good work-life balance 

Does our mission, vision & values resonate with who you are?



Give restaurants the most beneficial team management software experience possible.


We will improve the efficiency of how restaurants are run everywhere.


Obsess over customers, not competitors.


G.A.P.: Gratitude, Accountability & Passion.


Chick-fil-A® is our focus. Your success is our passion.