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A message from OneClick's CEO & Co-Founder, Michael Alvarez:

It's been quite a ride since Jan and James Finlinson first approached me three years ago to help validate the OneClick business model and then scale it to where it is today.

There were so many directions OneClick could have gone from our humble beginnings while James worked at his local Chick-fil-A® restaurant, in Ammon, ID, while in High School. They were his first customer and he devoted countless hours developing solutions to solve their tedious and time-consuming challenges in having to do with managing shifts, breaks and training for a large number of of employees at one time, several times a day. 

James' goals for his Ammon, ID Chick-fil-A® store were to:

  • Remove tedious & repetitive tasks having to do with managing large teams
  • Reduce chaos as unexpected things happen multiple times a day
  • Increase accountability overall

Today, we are a team of 12 OneClick employees who serve more than 30,000 Chick-fil-A® leaders & team members on a daily basis.

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From James Finlinson - OneClick - Co-Founder:

"Our growth is a testament to our valued customers who have embraced OneClick as an essential tool for running successful Chick-fil-A® restaurants, by keeping their team members trained and accountable. I am humbled to know that what started as a fun project while I was in High School working at the Ammon, Idaho Chick-fil-A® store, has grown into a serious tool for Chick-fil-A® Operators, Directors & Shift Leaders who care to improve their operations and spend more time serving customers vs. managing the chaos that comes with managing a large number of team members at the same time."

Our formula for success is our focus on Chick-fil-A®:

  1. Only Serve Chick-fil-A®: We are the only software company that we are aware of that is squarely focused on Chick-fil-A® restaurants. Though we are not hired by Chick-fil-A®, we are Chick-fil-A® VendorBridge approved. This gives us a great competitive advantage as experts in this niche.
  2. Hire Chick-fil-A® Employees: To hire current and former Chick-fil-A® employees in support, development & design when possible so that every single new line of code, usability update, and feature makes sense and adds the most amount of value to our customers.
  3. Go The Extra Mile: We strive to always exceed expectations in support and development of tools that are specific to the needs of Chick-fil-A®, and no other.

The proof is in the pudding (or in the sauce ;)...Here is the latest testimonial from one of our champion Chick-fil-A® customers:

Robert Garza CFA 06322

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 "Its been a great platform for our team to use for the creation of better decision making, accountability, and cleanliness." 

 Robert Garza - Operating Partner - Chick-fil-A® 82nd & University - Lubbock, TX

Final thoughts & more interesting numbers from Jan Finlinson, our CTO and Co-Founder:

  • "The bottom line is that our application increases accountability, decreases chaos, saves time and money
  • These 30,000+ Chick-fil-A® team members & leaders that we serve on a daily basis are responsible for generating close to $2 Billion in annual food sales for Chick-fil-A® and we take the responsibility seriously
  • Operators report increasing $10 in value for every $1 invested in OneClick to manage their team
  • Operators also report a noticeable reduction in employee turnover that occurs due to the increased level of communication
  • Shift Leaders & Directors constantly report saving 5 to 17 leader hours weekly by utilizing just one of our main features that digitizes their setups
  • OneClick allows leaders more time to lead, provide better service and sell more food
  • Every dollar our customers invest in us goes back into developing better tools and support for all of our Chick-fil-A® customers
  • At $5/day to start, including a 2-week free trial, there is no risk to just giving OneClick a good try in your restaurant
  • Every Chick-fil-A® store also qualifies to receive these two features 100% free for life (no credit card required):
    • Accountability infraction points
    • Checklists for repeatable tasks that can be assigned to multiple team members"


Michael Alvarez

OneClick - Co-Founder & CEO

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