Customer Product Roadmap Discussion Zoom Meeting Announced

Customer Product Roadmap Discussion Scheduled To Demo New Products & Get Your Opinion On Features We Intend To Launch Soon



If you are a current Chick-fil-A® customer of OneClickApp please check your email for additional information on how to join this private zoom meeting. If you don't see it please contact support.


This is where you get to have your voice heard on what you would like to have us focus on and develop over the next 12 months.


I know that this may seem odd to you.


When have you ever seen a software company that is 100% focused on solving team management problems for your specific business, Chick-fil-A® restaurants? When has a software company involved you and asked for your opinion on what you think on what can be done to make the product better? It's hardly ever happened to me and I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for software in my lifetime.


I want OneClicApp to be different. I want us to grow together and I want you to know that your investment in us is not only going to help your immediate needs, but that you are also investing in the future development that is meant to make the platform more useful for you. This also makes the platform better for other Chick-fil-A®'s and we all get to grow together.


Our entire team is passionate about your success and we want to prove to you that your investment in us will create additional value for your business.


Mike Alvarez




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