Webinar Replay: How To Create A Culture Of Accountability & Trust With Instant Results!

OneClickApp Best Practices Shared By Chick-fil-A® Restaurant West Jackson Avenue - Oxford, MS. Lance Reed - Operator & Tatum Wilson - Operating Partner.


You will be thrilled to hear the wisdom and proven high-impact strategies that Lance Reed, Operator, and Operating Partner, Tatum Wilson, of the West Jackson Avenue - Oxford, MS. Chick-fil-A® Restaurant have prepared to share with you.

They are on a mission to systematize every process of their day to decrease chaos and increase communication so that all Team Members and Leaders are laser-focused on providing the best customer service experience. And they are excelling at it. 


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Lance Reed
Operator -
Chick-fil-A® Restaurant West Jackson Avenue - Oxford, MS
Lance has a background in ministry. He has been married to his wife Amanda since 1996, and they have three sons. Lance joined Chick-fil-A® in 2007 and was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2008. He has also won the Symbol Award twice. Lance and his team have been recently selected for a food truck and a second free-standing location.
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Tatum Wilson
Operating Partner -
Chick-fil-A® Restaurant West Jackson Avenue - Oxford, MS
Tatum has been part of the West Jackson Avenue Chick-fil-A® team since 2018. She graduated from the University of Mississippi, is a loving wife, and mother to six-year-old twins.


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Michael Taylor Alvarez
Entrepreneur and leader with Fortune 500 experience who thrives on creating strategies and building teams to scale e-commerce & software businesses.

Topics covered

  • How to increase accountability and trust
  • The pain of not using OneClickApp
  • Measurable results and success experienced after the implementation of OneClickApp
  • Best Practices for Operators, Directors, and Shift Leaders to follow
  • How to retain your best team members and leaders
  • Empowering leaders to have tough conversations
  • How to frame your accountability system
  • Leader time savings math
  • Live Q&A session



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Webinar Transcript

00:00:07.780 --> 00:00:19.089
Michael Alvarez: Okay, welcome everyone to the one click, App webinar, while we wait for everyone to trickle in. We wanted to launch a poll. So please answer so that we can see those results.

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Michael Alvarez: Oh, okay, just

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Michael Alvarez: we'll also be giving away 2 $50 Amazon gift cards throughout the webinar. So say, stay tuned to see how you can win

00:00:37.990 --> 00:01:04.770
Michael Alvarez: today, we're going to be focused on how to create a culture of accountability and trust with instant results presenting will be Lance read, who is the operator of the Chick Belay, West Jackson in Oxford, Mississippi. Lance has a background in ministry, and he's been married to his wife Amanda. Since 1996 they have 3 sons. Lance joined Chickpea in 2,007, and was awarded Rookie of the year in 2,008. He has also won the symbol award twice Lance

00:01:05.092 --> 00:01:25.710
Michael Alvarez: and his team have been recently selected for a food truck and a second freestanding location. Next we have Tatum Wilson, who is our operating partner of the Chick-fil-a West Jackson and Oxford. Tatum has been part of this team since 2,018, and she graduated from the University of Mississippi. She's also a loving wife and mother to 6 year old twins.

00:01:26.050 --> 00:01:45.600
Michael Alvarez: Next we have Michael Alvarez, who is the CEO of one click app. He's an entrepreneur and a leader with Fortune 500 experience, whose passion is to help leaders become the 10 point O version of themselves. Michael is married to a sweetheart Lori, now of 2 years, and they join their homes together, and they have a total of 9 children.

00:01:45.900 --> 00:01:54.909
Michael Alvarez: The topics that we're going to be covering today are the pain of not using one click app. The success experienced after the implementation of one click app.

00:01:54.930 --> 00:01:58.849
Michael Alvarez: The best practice is for operators, directors, and shift leaders

00:01:58.940 --> 00:02:04.729
Michael Alvarez: how to retain your best team members and leaders, empowering leaders to have tough conversations.

00:02:04.770 --> 00:02:29.430
Michael Alvarez: how to frame accountability systems leader time saving. Now how to increase trust. We have some free playbooks at the end, and then we'll also have a question and answer period. And we wanted to start off by saying, Thank you to chick delay. One quick app was started inside 7 years ago by a chick boy team member, James Finlenson his goal was to help leaders succeed.

00:02:29.640 --> 00:02:53.729
Michael Alvarez: And today one click app employs 15 engineers and support personnel who are laser focused on helping these leaders succeed one out of 10 operators trust Chickpala, or just one quick app. We have over 50,000 team members and leaders that are served daily. And these team members and leaders are responsible for producing over 2.5 billion dollars in annual sales for chick delay.

00:02:53.730 --> 00:02:59.790
Michael Alvarez: So with that I will turn the time over to Michael Alvarez, and he will get everything started.

00:03:00.450 --> 00:03:09.160
Michael Alvarez: Thank you so much, Abby. I am super excited about the topic today. Not just the topic, but also Tatum and Lance.

00:03:09.300 --> 00:03:10.860
Michael Alvarez: who have

00:03:12.120 --> 00:03:34.510
Michael Alvarez: decided to give some of their own time to be able to teach any other leader who's willing to listen of the importance of using technology and the right ways, to be able to facilitate difficult conversations with team members, to be able to motivate them, to be able to reward them, and and so much more, and how to how to run an efficient restaurant.

00:03:35.650 --> 00:03:47.179
Michael Alvarez: And not only that, but I am super grateful for them also because they have gone out of their way to actually give us feedback as to what? What are

00:03:48.580 --> 00:03:55.819
Michael Alvarez: based on the roadmap that we have. What are some of the features that they actually wanted us to build for them.

00:03:56.300 --> 00:04:04.839
Michael Alvarez: and it was such great feedback that we implemented it. We coded it, and now we released it to everybody. So what

00:04:04.940 --> 00:04:13.840
Michael Alvarez: What they have done is they've allowed us to be able to release it so that everybody. Everybody in the network can benefit from what they've helped us to implement.

00:04:14.400 --> 00:04:18.290
They were a key part of the accountability system.

00:04:18.339 --> 00:04:23.059
Michael Alvarez: and and also gave us some great feedback on other other features as well.

00:04:23.090 --> 00:04:34.120
Michael Alvarez: so super excited to have you, too. Thank you for spending the time. I know that what you care about is you care about Chick-fil-a, and you care about other leaders, and that, and to show them

00:04:34.320 --> 00:04:36.160
Michael Alvarez: how you've been.

00:04:36.500 --> 00:04:42.900
Michael Alvarez: have experienced success with technology and with one click app, and would love to hear

00:04:42.920 --> 00:04:55.099
Michael Alvarez:  would love to hear what you have to say about these, and I know we've we've put these slides together on the first one is other apps or systems that you use before one click, app.

00:04:56.750 --> 00:04:58.240
Michael Alvarez: go ahead and take it away.

00:04:59.250 --> 00:05:19.679
Tatum Wilson: Hey? My name is Lance 3. Let me say this. Thanks, Mike, for the kind introduction and everything. And I just wanna say, in no way are we the experts and have it all figured out. We're on a journey just like you guys, and we're even tweaking things as we go right now. And so we're thankful to be partnered with one click, and Mike.

00:05:19.680 --> 00:05:41.119
Tatum Wilson: and how we've been able to bounce ideas off of them. And as we've had pain points Mike in one click have come alongside to try to help solve some of the pain points that we have had. Tatum has been real instrumental in a lot of this, and I'm gonna let her share a lot of the journey and kind of what we did. Our big challenge was

00:05:41.270 --> 00:06:10.310
Tatum Wilson: trying to hold people accountable, you know, just creating a culture in which people are showing up on time. They're not on their phones. They're doing the things that they need to be doing. And I feel like it's a constant battle for us. And it has been. And we wanted to try to create something in which our leaders and our people could kind of win. And so a lot of this was kind of Tatum branch out, and all that. Tatum kind of share a little bit about the journey and and where we are, where we were and where we are now. Yeah, thanks, and thank you for the kind introduction.

00:06:10.310 --> 00:06:19.960
Tatum Wilson: and for having this. We also are very excited to share this, and it's not always easy. And so any, we get a lot of our systems from other people, too. So sharing is always

00:06:19.960 --> 00:06:46.020
Tatum Wilson: great. One of the systems it says, on there, we still use it. Today is drop form. And that was our main form of accountability. Before one flight before we came to you guys. And basically we just hit a wall. It wasn't sustainable anymore. We were not going to be able to grow. The system would be, you know, growth that we had in the restaurant that everyone had at that time. 2 or 3 years ago. I just could foresee it

00:06:46.220 --> 00:06:56.010
Tatum Wilson: not being good anymore. And I wanted to get behind that. We went through a remodel or get ahead of that. We went through a remodel, and I knew that reopening we were gonna gain about.

00:06:56.250 --> 00:07:07.490
Tatum Wilson: I have to add about 25% extra onto our team. And I, it already kind of wasn't working before we shut down for the remodel. And so that's when I reached out to one click and

00:07:07.610 --> 00:07:13.000
Tatum Wilson: spent hours on calls with them, just them listening to us and

00:07:13.020 --> 00:07:38.870
Tatum Wilson: The thing with drop form is that it does not use vendor bridge, and anytime stores are evaluating, you know other tools to use. It's like how much manual work is. Gonna go into this as you use it consistently. And job Form was one where it was just way, too. Manual. Same with paper, you know. Setups and file folders is just keeping that physically somewhere in the restaurant, with all of the

00:07:38.870 --> 00:07:48.199
Tatum Wilson: other busyness going on around that and keeping track of things. And so. Javon is one system that we still use for other things, but not for accountability anymore.

00:07:51.950 --> 00:08:02.629
Michael Alvarez: Brandon, describe a little bit about the pain that you felt before. Well, you actually already did. You described a little bit about that? And is there anything on this on this slide

00:08:03.440 --> 00:08:06.250
Michael Alvarez: that you did not already cover?

00:08:07.190 --> 00:08:35.939
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So, tracking specifically, was a really difficult thing. With write ups in particular, what I wanted to do with drop form was, make it easy for someone to find a name, and we wanted it to be digital, so, to be accessed from anywhere and by the people that we needed to access it. Not just in a following cabinet in our office. But then you have to be specific with the names. Well, you could go a couple of routes, have a dropdown, which means manually updating that when you add or lose people to the team or from the team

00:08:35.940 --> 00:08:56.170
Tatum Wilson: or typing in someone's name, and hoping that there's no error in the spelling, so that later, when you pull a report. You, you know, pull all of the data that you need for that one person, and we had a lot of misspelling. We had too much manual work in terms of adding and deleting people. So that was one of the pains in tracking

00:08:56.230 --> 00:09:09.550
Tatum Wilson: Lateness was a problem. It's always a problem I feel like just in the world, maybe America. But I feel like just people in general just aren't on time. And it was really hard to enforce that without a system that we knew we could track.

00:09:09.580 --> 00:09:10.810
Tatum Wilson: So yeah.

00:09:11.530 --> 00:09:17.439
Michael Alvarez: so what did you do with the filing cabinets? With all that paper after you you got? Click, app one click. App.

00:09:17.450 --> 00:09:46.270
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So I believe we still have those things somewhere. We just don't reference them. I think there's a certain amount of time you have to keep certain something, certain things. But it's not like we have a door that we have to pull out all the time and reference, you know, and people don't. When you don't trust the system that you're using, other people don't trust the system that you're using, you're not really instilling that into other people, and it was really hard for me personally to trust a paper system of, you know.

00:09:46.270 --> 00:09:56.130
Tatum Wilson: Well, I'll write down your name and you sign it, and hopefully, in the midst of all the chaos, I have time to go, grab the sheet of paper and write down what happened, and have the confidence to do that, too. So

00:09:56.290 --> 00:09:59.880
Tatum Wilson: yeah, lots of overlap with probably a lot that we'll talk about. But

00:10:00.060 --> 00:10:09.539
Michael Alvarez: yeah. And then every leader has to find the paper and read the piece of paper to be up to date on what's happening with every team member? Right? It's just it's just unsustainable.

00:10:09.580 --> 00:10:20.720
Michael Alvarez: What's super interesting is that been visiting customers in Austin, Texas, and also in the DC area. And I've run into customers who are using the accountability

00:10:21.240 --> 00:10:28.439
Michael Alvarez: system. And they said that they have decreased bad behavior and partiness problems by 80%

00:10:28.920 --> 00:10:31.070
Michael Alvarez: phenomenal. Right?

00:10:31.150 --> 00:10:37.549
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, so very much so. And I think the other thing we ran into might, too, and Taylor may have touched on. That was

00:10:37.630 --> 00:11:05.719
Tatum Wilson: leaders might would write someone up or say something, but then they never told a team member that they wrote them up, you know. And so that became a frustrate because I didn't know anything about that like nobody told me that I got written up and everything. And so the beauty and what you guys have helped create also is that whenever they get written up, we get an email. And I get alerted. And then the team member gets an email that they were written up and that they were alerted.

00:11:05.720 --> 00:11:31.979
Tatum Wilson: And I'll I'll say this like we. When people get written up like a lot of times, they'll reach out to Tatum or myself, and they'll want to have a cut like what you know what happened, or start explaining themselves and all of that. And so it has helped raise that bar and bringing awareness around the accountability. And there's certainly times that we extend grace. And we're like, Hey, yeah, makes sense. We'll take that off and all that. But it's been so much easier to track and to deal with. For sure.

00:11:33.090 --> 00:11:39.000
Michael Alvarez: that is fantastic. And what are some of the results that you've seen after implementation?

00:11:40.170 --> 00:11:46.340
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, so specifically with the accountability, like, Lance said. Just a greater sense of

00:11:46.370 --> 00:11:59.689
Tatum Wilson: to talk about. You know what they're being held accountable for on their part. So the ball is less in our court and more in their port, and that's a lot more sustainable when you know, even with a second restaurant coming

00:11:59.860 --> 00:12:21.860
Tatum Wilson: 400 people, let's say 300 to 400 on payroll. You could. One person to 5 people cannot be responsible for, you know, initiating that conversation when things have happened or someone's been held accountable. But if that team member buys in, they're gonna reach out and say, either, Hey, I'm really sorry that happened. II really value this job. Or

00:12:21.860 --> 00:12:37.570
Tatum Wilson: let me give you some more context. That's not quite what happened. And it just it keeps the a healthy conversation going around accountability instead of people being blindsided or just not really talking about it. Period, one click in general has taken, you know.

00:12:37.990 --> 00:12:39.870
Tatum Wilson: a lot of

00:12:40.570 --> 00:12:50.900
Tatum Wilson: manual tasks away. So making setups, which I think we'll get into later. So pain there has been taken away. But I would also say our leaders

00:12:51.280 --> 00:13:10.399
Tatum Wilson: operationally can lead but a lot of the time. They're not, you know. We're still growing them in that leadership of people realm and having a system in place to have a hard conversation. Helps them. So if they know I I'm gonna write this person after being late.

00:13:10.400 --> 00:13:28.299
Tatum Wilson: The expectation is that I still speak to them in person. But they're gonna get an email. And it's the system really holding them to it and not me. As a person. It makes that more of an easy conversation. It's still uncomfortable, but it's easily approached by that leader who's new to handling people. So it's definitely help there, too.

00:13:28.960 --> 00:13:50.550
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, that's actually res that resonates with me, cause that's what I keep hearing from operators as we're and directors and and managers as we keep visiting customers, as they say. Number one. It's easy, because that facilitates the conversation, but it's also easy, because we can just blame it on the system. These are just the rules.

00:13:50.650 --> 00:13:53.590
Michael Alvarez: and and nobody needs to feel bad about it.

00:13:53.860 --> 00:13:57.770
Michael Alvarez: And that's that's just the way it is. So. So either

00:13:58.810 --> 00:14:23.549
Tatum Wilson: that so really helps and talk a little bit about retention or or you had a comment, Lance. No, like I was. Gonna say, too, you know, when we originally started with you guys, it was mainly for setups right, you know. And you guys have kind of grown. And so our people love the the fact that we can set everything up. And we went away from paper right what used to do paper setups and posted, and then whiteboards and all that other stuff.

00:14:23.680 --> 00:14:30.439
Tatum Wilson: And now, with everything right there to what Tatum was saying. Our people are on the ipad doing the setups

00:14:30.440 --> 00:14:54.350
Tatum Wilson: they're entering, you know, save counts, and everything is right there on that ipad for them, even within one click. You guys have made it super easy so that they can write someone up and it goes and it sends it out, and I don't know. What does it take? Maybe 30, not less than 30Â s, probably right, Tatum as opposed to. Now I gotta go to the office. I gotta, you know, do this or do that. It's just all right there. And it's really really quick.

00:14:56.400 --> 00:15:07.529
Michael Alvarez: excellent, and just a quick reminder for everybody. We? We do have a QA session at the end of this presentation, so that you can ask Lanson taking him any questions that you have.

00:15:07.700 --> 00:15:15.940
Michael Alvarez: So also, if you can type your questions on the chat, we'll go ahead and keep those and and save those

00:15:15.950 --> 00:15:17.890
Michael Alvarez: to the end as well.

00:15:17.930 --> 00:15:21.609
Michael Alvarez: that'd be great. Okay? And then,

00:15:22.460 --> 00:15:27.200
Michael Alvarez: here's the next slide. So now, best practices for leaders

00:15:30.650 --> 00:15:40.309
Michael Alvarez: tell us a little bit about a best practice of how to frame the accountability. And what are some of the some of the wins that you have found by doing this?

00:15:40.890 --> 00:16:01.009
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. And before I speak on this, I know you're about to ask about retention, and I just wanted to say, I do feel like having that healthy, open conversation and that comfort level of people to come to us, because there's a transparency between our expectations which I think will help me get into framing it. And then how they violated those expectations.

00:16:01.010 --> 00:16:16.919
Tatum Wilson: it. I do think that the people who want to be engaged there might be a learning curve over, you know, being at a job when they're young or they've never had structure before. People crave structure. And we've we had a one specific example of a team member.

00:16:17.140 --> 00:16:25.819
Tatum Wilson: I mean, written up countless times coached countless times, and we did, Grace, and you know some. II think there may have been a time where he left and came back.

00:16:26.030 --> 00:16:39.010
Tatum Wilson: But the thing that he says or has said is like, I do not want to leave because you all have structure, and that's not anything he has found anywhere else. So just to answer your question on, you know, talking on retention.

00:16:39.180 --> 00:16:55.320
Tatum Wilson: people crave structure and the the accountability gives them that as well, but framing it. Oh, go ahead, Mike. I'm sorry. It looks like you're gonna yeah. So I think, framing it as well as in setting that expectation. So we framed it

00:16:55.590 --> 00:17:21.450
Tatum Wilson: originally as Hey, here's what here's how you can do wrong. Here's how you can mess up. Here's how to get written up. And while that's valid, it doesn't always motivate people to do right. And it doesn't create that culture of let's let's do well together. It's like, let's not mess up together, which which are 2 very different things. And so I don't know. If might. We want to show that graphic of our actual accountability guidelines.

00:17:21.660 --> 00:17:28.590
Tatum Wilson: but it hit me one day. It's like we want the ideal team member. And so how does our accountability

00:17:28.630 --> 00:17:30.070
Tatum Wilson: represent?

00:17:30.320 --> 00:17:42.040
Tatum Wilson: Who is a good team member versus who has, you know, for lack of a better phrase, messed up. And so I categorized all of the infractions into what we want

00:17:42.090 --> 00:18:03.750
Tatum Wilson: in a team member. We want a punctual team member. So here's all the ways that you're not punctual calling in being late, etc. we want someone who's professional. So we don't want using vulgar language or speaking disrespectfully or being on your phone while you're at work. We want someone who executes on. Yeah, there you go, so presentable.

00:18:03.750 --> 00:18:27.130
Tatum Wilson: don't. And and specifically some of these were issues that we were having at the time. So while they may not resonate with your team at the time. These were things that we were having issues with all the time. So I think it'd be fair to say, missing Belt. We could probably remove that one now, because II haven't seen that recently. But at the time we created this for some reason, there were people who just went for their belt to work. And so

00:18:27.140 --> 00:18:41.560
Tatum Wilson: you can change that over time. But we want, you know, you, to uphold food, safety and food quality. And so here are the infractions under that category. Want you to take pride in your work, and, as mentioned, professional. So framing it is really

00:18:41.940 --> 00:18:45.099
Tatum Wilson: It's important how you frame that more in a positive light.

00:18:45.350 --> 00:19:09.120
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. And I think even coming back from next, I had told you one of the things I think we talk a lot of times about like. Here's our rules, and it's not like rules as much as hey? This is the agreement. II heard one of the presenters say that. And it's like, Hey, this is our agreement. This is this is our expectations there, for you, as far as that goes, as a team member in which we're trying to be very clear and setting up the win.

00:19:10.680 --> 00:19:12.899
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, absolutely. And and

00:19:12.940 --> 00:19:19.539
Michael Alvarez: thank you, Tatum and Lance, and they, Tatum has provided this template as an editable canvas

00:19:20.140 --> 00:19:42.390
Tatum Wilson: template so that anybody on the call you're going to receive an email. And you're going to get this template so that you can use it for your own store as well. And and guys, we're constantly, hey, we're on a journey and tweaking that like we're even making some edits. Tatum can kind of share with you a little bit. We've made some edits even here in the last week or so. So in no way, as I said earlier.

00:19:42.390 --> 00:19:57.539
Tatum Wilson: are we the experts? And we have it all figured out like we're on this journey together, and we're learning a lot you might can share a little bit about what we used to do, and the way that we're going right now from accountability standpoint.

00:19:57.590 --> 00:20:24.549
Tatum Wilson: it says, pay on there, and we we did approach it with a pay change at a certain point threshold and our thought was the only way we could really get somebody and motivate them was to affect their pay. You know, we're like, you know, if they know that they're gonna lose pay on this over the long haul, they're more out to change their behavior. That was what our thought was. But then, again, we're in another season, where

00:20:25.020 --> 00:20:37.050
Tatum Wilson: I just foresee it not being sustainable, you know, and making changes in payroll time and timing it individually. If you have 200 individuals and you increase it by 100. Now that's

00:20:37.050 --> 00:21:04.979
Tatum Wilson: that. Many more, you know, changes that you have to time appropriately, and then if you drop one ball, you lose some trust, and we were starting to lose some trust. So we are tweaking now just to we're trying to grow having a second restaurant trying to grow that leadership team top level leadership team, and we are trying to give them more ownership and having those harder conversations. So now it's probably back to the norm of what you see, what we've seen at other restaurants are heard is.

00:21:05.000 --> 00:21:08.810
Tatum Wilson: first is a sit down and then a suspension, and then a termination

00:21:08.990 --> 00:21:17.040
Tatum Wilson: and so we're trying to go about it that way. Now that we have more ownership with other people who can have more conversations more frequently.

00:21:17.200 --> 00:21:41.460
Tatum Wilson: So we yeah, we basically that we still have the point system. And so when you get to 10 points, it, it's warrant, say a sit down and a one on one that a leader has to have with that team member, and then when you get to 20 points, it warrants a suspension and then 30 points would warrant a termination. And the other thing that we're struggling about struggling, but that we see a little bit, too, is

00:21:41.490 --> 00:22:08.219
Tatum Wilson: yeah, just some of our leaders dropping some balls. And so that was another thing like most of that has been for team member accountability. But we've really rolled some things out for our leader and our leadership accountability just around communication and around holding people to the standard that we have and stuff like that. And we want our leaders to understand, hey? As much as we're holding them accountable. You've gotta set the standard also in what you do every single day.

00:22:08.470 --> 00:22:20.250
Michael Alvarez: Yeah. I remember, as we were talking before, you had said that you'd realize that some of the leaders, they they become really good friends with the team members. And it's a fun place to work. And obviously they're gonna make friends.

00:22:20.270 --> 00:22:27.770
Michael Alvarez: So then they would give preferential treatment to some of the team members. How do you? How has

00:22:27.910 --> 00:22:35.089
Michael Alvarez: how did you overcome better. What's a what's a tip that you have to be able to overcome that specific scenario?

00:22:35.240 --> 00:22:53.089
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. Well, I think when you have a system in place that tracks it. You know a lot of times. That's not the first conversation you're having with a leader is that they have friends at work. It's an ongoing conversation that other things are, you know, not being executed on right. And then that usually is just a

00:22:54.240 --> 00:23:09.139
Tatum Wilson: an indicator that you know they're not fully bought in. Or maybe they're just not good at leading people, and maybe they need to take. Take a step back. But having it being tracked, we've been face to face with someone before and pulled up our write ups and say, like.

00:23:09.140 --> 00:23:28.470
Tatum Wilson: you haven't written anyone up in the past 6 months like not one, and it's a very clear indicator that you are, either, you know, too afraid of the uncomfortable, which, as a leader, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable, or you're just too, buddy, Buddy, with people. And if that's the case, then you probably don't need to be leading other people.

00:23:28.730 --> 00:23:39.630
Tatum Wilson: so yeah, having it easily, readily accessible, and reports that you can run or just click, you know a name and see that it's it's much more helpful in having those conversations.

00:23:41.000 --> 00:23:45.859
Michael Alvarez: So so let me ask you this, I know that there's a lot of leaders that are scared.

00:23:45.890 --> 00:23:50.630
Michael Alvarez: They're scared about implementing a new system. They're scared about.

00:23:51.030 --> 00:23:57.549
Michael Alvarez:  you know, if it's gonna get adopted, adopted by everybody, they're scared about

00:23:58.690 --> 00:24:04.779
Michael Alvarez: what may happen next or or this is really interesting. I've heard some leaders say.

00:24:05.240 --> 00:24:11.289
Michael Alvarez: I'm afraid that everybody's gonna like it. And then, for some reason

00:24:11.660 --> 00:24:18.419
Michael Alvarez: somebody decides that we're we're not going to use it anymore. And then it gets ripped out, and then everybody's disappointed.

00:24:18.760 --> 00:24:27.510
Michael Alvarez: What are your what are your recommendations for somebody that's a little bit scared of like jumping into a new technology, but they know that they need something.

00:24:27.520 --> 00:24:32.189
Michael Alvarez: and it's implementing it into a massively chaotic place.

00:24:32.500 --> 00:24:37.169
Michael Alvarez: Any tips that you have that would help alleviate your concerns.

00:24:37.840 --> 00:24:47.289
Tatum Wilson: I would just say, and I think this is this is where I see very highly of one click and just the features. Once you start using it like

00:24:47.410 --> 00:24:52.279
Tatum Wilson: it will take more work to undo it specifically with this platform.

00:24:52.390 --> 00:24:54.930
Tatum Wilson: And so, you know, it's gonna it.

00:24:55.510 --> 00:24:59.540
Tatum Wilson: I understand the fear. I think my tip would be.

00:25:01.470 --> 00:25:03.830
Tatum Wilson: It's it's not a tip.

00:25:04.020 --> 00:25:08.669
Tatum Wilson: Our experience has been that if we had to undo one click for our store

00:25:08.920 --> 00:25:14.290
Tatum Wilson: it would take so much more work to do that than what we're having to do right now.

00:25:14.380 --> 00:25:17.870
Tatum Wilson: It's alleviated a lot of those manual things.

00:25:18.700 --> 00:25:33.459
Tatum Wilson: So I think Tatum would say, yeah, like, lean in, give it a try. I would also say around the accountability measures, you guys know what your challenges are in the store like your challenges, and some of the things that y'all may be facing might be different than ours.

00:25:33.460 --> 00:26:00.300
Tatum Wilson: I would say collectively. Sit down as a group, try to get collaboration and buy in on some of those challenges and give everybody a voice and some ownership in that, Mike, so that it's not one person rolling that out. But it's a group and a team. And if you've got collaboration around that, and you're letting other people give some input on that. But to what Tatum has said the ease if you're not into one click, the ease of doing things.

00:26:00.440 --> 00:26:07.100
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, I think our leaders would probably have a revolt if we said, we're gonna move away from one click right now, because

00:26:07.100 --> 00:26:31.149
Tatum Wilson: it's made. Their life is a leader so much easier from so many different features, not just like setups, but breaks and accountability and rewards, and we may talk about reward chain a little bit, but there's just so much training like there's so many features in there that is, save them so much time. It's hard to put a dollar figure on the amount of time that it has saved

00:26:31.210 --> 00:26:47.520
Tatum Wilson: our people on an ongoing basis from just being able to give them the ease and the access that they need to make things kind of happen and move quickly. And one more note on that, that last bullet point

00:26:47.700 --> 00:27:12.090
Tatum Wilson: definitely starting small with really like the main issues, specifically accountability, the main issues you're having. If you roll out 4 accountability measures, and you really hold to those, it will only be easier to add more, because people will understand what's happening, and it'll it will just make sense to build to it rather than starting so big that you can't execute properly on it.

00:27:12.960 --> 00:27:18.139
Michael Alvarez: These are fantastic points just going back to a previous point real quick.

00:27:18.610 --> 00:27:25.460
Michael Alvarez: How much does it cost you as a business to find and train a new team member.

00:27:26.770 --> 00:27:49.619
Tatum Wilson: you know. II think everybody's probably a little bit different. But probably when you are figuring out that they're coming in for 2 to 3 different interviews, let's just say that in and of itself, you know. 20Â min, you know, interviews. Let's just say that's an hour, and then once you bring them in, you know you usually have a a couple of hours we do of orientation.

00:27:49.620 --> 00:28:13.670
Tatum Wilson: We do another couple of hours, probably in store tour and other stuff. Everybody's got some different things. But II would say on a minimum with each new team member, you're probably spending 25 to 50Â h somewhere in there in that investment. You know, John Bridges, at next, that seminar just talked about. Training is kind of a hitting cost, you know, in in that

00:28:13.670 --> 00:28:24.140
Tatum Wilson: team member retention is so important because it takes so much time and energy. I think Tatum and I figured last year, and this was just us roughing

00:28:24.140 --> 00:28:32.920
Tatum Wilson: that, you know, we probably spent almost 50 plus $1,000 last year alone, just in training new people and new hires.

00:28:32.920 --> 00:28:56.159
Tatum Wilson: And so, Mike, it's hard to say. But I would encourage everyone to go back and think about your training process, the number of hours that you are spending in that training process and bringing in new people, and then multiply that out times your average wage rate and look at the number of people you have last year, and it'll give you a pretty good idea, like we've tried to evaluate that which also makes us

00:28:56.160 --> 00:29:22.050
Tatum Wilson: more prone to go. What are we doing to retain our people, you know, and and we came off of a remodel this past year, and so we've hired a lot of people. We've had a lot of new turnover, just like some of you that are coming into new stores and other stuff. There's a lot of turnover in that first year, and we feel like we're kind of getting into that point where we're kind of leveling out a little bit. And we're not in that survival mode like we have been in the past.

00:29:22.550 --> 00:29:33.119
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, that's great. Some of the estimates that I've heard from other stores or from other restaurants, is that it's anywhere between $3,500 to $7,000

00:29:33.230 --> 00:29:34.830
Michael Alvarez: at at the like.

00:29:34.840 --> 00:29:46.669
Michael Alvarez: to pay for the recruiting company, and then, and to pay and and to do the training and all the hours, and by the time. You know that that person is fully trained. That's about what the estimate has been.

00:29:46.700 --> 00:29:55.570
Michael Alvarez: But I think that with new technology, do you feel that with new technology and new systems that you're able to retain more of your people.

00:29:57.220 --> 00:30:16.140
Tatum Wilson: We we do. We feel like with one click. And then, you know, we? We use workstream for the applicant tracking that chick for a has, and that's been a great, you know, resource and tool tool also, but not to what you're saying. With what you guys have right here and what you're able to kind of help create.

00:30:16.140 --> 00:30:39.539
Tatum Wilson: Certainly it reduces the time in which we spend. And the other great thing is that you guys are connected with vendor bridge. And so we're able to import people right in. And so we still spend a lot of time recruiting, training and all that. But certainly it's hard to put a dollar figure, Michael, what you guys have helped us save

00:30:39.580 --> 00:30:42.419
Tatum Wilson: just time-wise and labor wise.

00:30:42.710 --> 00:30:45.050
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, thank you. Appreciate it.

00:30:45.640 --> 00:30:54.429
Michael Alvarez: And now let's take a look at Moola, how you, how you have laid out your positive reward system and how it works for you and

00:30:54.450 --> 00:31:16.619
Tatum Wilson: and how helps to keep your team members motivated. What as we do, I'll let. I'll let Tatum. Yeah, Tatum is really the the genius behind a lot of our systems and things like that. So I will give her a lot of credit. But as we rolled out the accountability. We also wanted to roll out a reward and cause we didn't want it to be so heavy on.

00:31:16.620 --> 00:31:41.530
Tatum Wilson: We're beaten people up, or people are filling down. So we wanted to roll out a positive reward thing also to reward them for the behavior, the attitude, the things that we want to see in a team member. I'll let Tatum share a little bit about what she had helped create on all that. But it's not part of the accountability system.

00:31:41.530 --> 00:31:59.509
Tatum Wilson: Personally, as a mom, you don't ever want to offset a bad behavior and trade it with a good behavior. So for our point system, they are all negatives. And so, if you know there's nothing they can come back and do better to to undo some of their negative points. However,

00:31:59.780 --> 00:32:25.899
Tatum Wilson: What we have is move off, or you know, some people maybe, are never written up, and it's just completely independent. But in terms of morale they go hand in hand. So this is we didn't. We didn't really have a way to celebrate the team and it in a tangible way. That was a system. So of course, a leader could go up and say, Great job, everybody, or great job, you know, might specifically but that may not have been.

00:32:25.920 --> 00:32:38.629
Tatum Wilson: Some. Some people want rewards in other ways. So something tangible or something more public than that, or less public, you know different languages there. And so we wanted to outwardly show that phrase. But what

00:32:38.850 --> 00:32:46.930
Tatum Wilson: what we did was we printed our. I think it's on the next slide. If you want to go to that next slide, please. Yeah, yeah.

00:32:47.040 --> 00:33:12.460
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So we ended up having, we're like, well, we're giving these points out. So what do we want them to do with the point. So we had a virtual store that we created, and just stuff office check, play merch. So you know, and our people really love that exciting to them. And so the it's it's arbitrary, you know, the weight of a move up. But we did increments to 5. And so all of our prices are an increments of 5 as well that way.

00:33:12.460 --> 00:33:36.630
Tatum Wilson: It just felt more like a, you know, outward kinda like monopoly money. It's not actually a dollar amount the same cost. But we designed it. And then we decided, you know, people were kind of bringing us money, and we were just kind of piling it somewhere, and so we needed a drop off for it. So that's what that little black box with the key that you see and then Lance found the he's giving me credit, but I give him credit for fun and the cash button on Amazon.

00:33:36.700 --> 00:33:51.289
Tatum Wilson: and it says to change when you hit it, and it's really fun. And I don't really receive mu lot just because I headed the system and no one gives me any mullah, and that's completely fine. But I still hit the button every every time I think about it. When I walk by cause it is very fun.

00:33:51.580 --> 00:34:18.330
Tatum Wilson: And so we print them. We write their name on it with, Hey, you killed it on expo. Today they drop it in there they hit the button, and then once a month, we we have champions in the store. So we got our ha! A high school student who really wanted more responsibility, but wasn't ready to be in a leadership role, and, you know, wasn't there all the time to really help with big things. But this this was a big thing for her, so she unlocks that box, uploads them in one click,

00:34:18.330 --> 00:34:41.860
Tatum Wilson: in the platform, and then sends out something every month that says, Hey, go check out your your totals. Now's the time to place your move order where they can redeem their points. Yeah, we wanted entatal created the little money box things. We wanted the physical, tangible thing that they could kind of touch. You don't have to do that, but everything that we do and track is in one click. And it's great because our team members

00:34:41.860 --> 00:34:57.580
Tatum Wilson: are able to see how much we'll our bucks if they have into what Taylan said. Ella, is the little hospital student that takes care of this, which this is the perfect thing for her. But every month she sends out a message and lets everybody know. Hey, I'm gonna place my order. If you want to redeem your bucks.

00:34:57.580 --> 00:35:19.970
Tatum Wilson: and you know, sure enough, you know they'll people will tell her what they want. Some save others, you know, spend money on those things. But we tried to do just like Tate. I said, fun, chick-fil-a stuff, and make it a fun thing. And so when when we hit, certain, maybe sales, goals or speed of service and other types of things are if somebody comes in. We had a high school student

00:35:19.970 --> 00:35:42.989
Tatum Wilson: that forgot to ask off for Prom last year and actually showed up for work and missed their prom. They were younger, didn't say anything. Yeah. Showed up, and so they don't rewarded him with some box because he was there, like, you know, that was a big deal. And so how do we reward the behavior that we want. You know, my wife will always say it's like.

00:35:43.110 --> 00:35:52.579
Tatum Wilson: let's tell our kids what we want them to be, you know. And so that's what blue lie is. It's like we're trying to reward the behavior that we're wanting to see out of the team members.

00:35:53.580 --> 00:35:58.310
Michael Alvarez: No, this is great. And and also, we're gonna we're gonna go ahead. And

00:35:58.430 --> 00:36:09.270
Michael Alvarez: after this, let's let's show the jog form that you use so that they can redeem these. But before that, let's reset the energy a little bit. We're doing something a little bit

00:36:09.420 --> 00:36:21.980
Michael Alvarez: on here. We've actually put all of the attendees of the webinar in this spin wheel, and we're gonna give away a $50 Amazon gift card to a random person just for showing up.

00:36:22.140 --> 00:36:26.290
Michael Alvarez: So I'm gonna go ahead and spin it. and

00:36:27.680 --> 00:36:28.740
Tatum Wilson: there we go.

00:36:29.600 --> 00:36:31.589
Michael Alvarez: What is the name?

00:36:33.920 --> 00:36:35.320
Michael Alvarez: Jordan

00:36:36.550 --> 00:36:38.080
Michael Alvarez: Jordan kazik

00:36:38.490 --> 00:36:44.009
Michael Alvarez: awesome. So just send us a message, and we will help you to do that

00:36:44.980 --> 00:36:49.520
Michael Alvarez: alright. So now back to our presentation. B,

00:36:49.860 --> 00:36:56.350
Michael Alvarez:  so that what we are gonna touch on oh, we were actually gonna show

00:36:57.440 --> 00:37:00.919
Michael Alvarez: the the form that you had created.

00:37:01.770 --> 00:37:05.790
Michael Alvarez: Oh, there's the Amazon link, there's the Amazon good chain

00:37:06.040 --> 00:37:11.880
Michael Alvarez: button, which I thought was genius. And if you noticed at the bottom of this

00:37:12.710 --> 00:37:16.589
Michael Alvarez: of this, there's the QR code to go ahead and redeem it.

00:37:16.760 --> 00:37:24.610
Michael Alvarez: And it goes to this, to this job form. Well, they put their name and they put the blue up box that they have.

00:37:24.680 --> 00:37:30.430
Michael Alvarez: and they submit this form. Do you wanna tell us a little bit more about the mechanics of this?

00:37:30.760 --> 00:37:48.179
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, so this is dot form. And what I like about dot form is all the widgets. And this is just like a product. So you know, some people use this to actually sell real things again. We're using it with those arbitrary costs. But it will tell them how much it will cost them at the end should total it up there. But

00:37:48.710 --> 00:37:50.330
Tatum Wilson: yeah.

00:37:50.410 --> 00:38:15.179
Tatum Wilson: So they should know if how many points they have which we also hope that it pushes them to go to one click. I think when we first started using one click, our leaders were the main people using it because they're the ones making stuff. They're in it every day. They have to, you know. Click people for breaks click on when they're done all those things but when people come. And they say, Hey, like, what do I do with this move, hey? Well, you need to go to one click. And so hopefully that engagement in the software that works

00:38:15.180 --> 00:38:31.339
Tatum Wilson: buying into it has helped us where people have had to learn what one click is, even though they may not be using it every single day. Same with the right us. If someone asked me how many points they have, I don't tell them. I tell them to go login on one click. So

00:38:31.340 --> 00:38:46.710
Tatum Wilson: these pieces have also helped engagement in that software as well. And we try to update that Moola store about, you know, once a year just kind of looking at things. Some things kind of fall out, and they quit carrying stuff. And we kind of replace things and stuff like that. So that's just kind of a constant

00:38:46.710 --> 00:39:02.379
Tatum Wilson: us kind of upgrading. You don't have to use chick-fil-a stuff, we just thought, hey, it's a great way to promote chick-fil-a and other things, but certainly you could use other other giveaways and needs, and and take it and make it your own

00:39:03.350 --> 00:39:04.630

00:39:04.680 --> 00:39:11.090
Michael Alvarez: now, moving on the team and accountability and checklist. We've covered some of that, but I think,

00:39:12.270 --> 00:39:19.840
Michael Alvarez: can't wait to hear like the the pain before implementation we have. We have covered some of this, but any other

00:39:21.600 --> 00:39:23.300
Michael Alvarez: any other thoughts on that.

00:39:23.320 --> 00:39:45.679
Tatum Wilson: Mike? II think, with what you said that very first one. You know we tried. And I think Tatum kind of pushes and thinks about this. We try to create as many systems as we can toward that. We're not dependent upon pen and paper. I'm like, we want everything digital as much as we can, you know, in that store. And so we've we've tried to be as digital as we possibly can

00:39:45.680 --> 00:39:53.889
Tatum Wilson: from, you know, setups. And any any things that we do anything that we do in the store, it's it's pretty much digital.

00:39:53.890 --> 00:40:04.170
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. And like it says, here, when someone calls in, you don't have to scroll back, you know, along way in your leadership group text and

00:40:04.410 --> 00:40:19.669
Tatum Wilson: see where they put that person on ipad, and that you need to pivot and so we can just drag and drop, and the way that it integrates with hot schedules and stuff. It's really helped us to quickly respond to things because we are moving so quickly. Every you know, throughout the day.

00:40:21.900 --> 00:40:33.240
Michael Alvarez: Yeah. And here's a picture of like a paper setup before and after. Right? So that's that's what we have run across with many leaders across the country as we go visit stores

00:40:33.280 --> 00:40:39.139
Michael Alvarez: is the paper setups and then digitizing them is what what's really the game changer.

00:40:41.610 --> 00:40:46.709
Michael Alvarez: Let's see here on the team and accountability.

00:40:47.780 --> 00:40:51.310
Michael Alvarez: it also allowed you to create play books to plan ahead of time.

00:40:52.800 --> 00:41:11.019
Michael Alvarez: It's visual so, and everybody can check it on the ipad. How do you choose to manage your ipads? Do you actually put them on the wall and you lock them? So the no team members can actually log into them. And then, leaders log in with the PIN, or do you have your leaders carry the ipads with them?

00:41:11.660 --> 00:41:28.780
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So the leader will have it on the manager, Sam for the leader, and they typically own it during the shift that they're on. It's not. We're a lot more mobile, I think, going back to what we say

00:41:28.780 --> 00:41:43.299
Tatum Wilson: the way that we do. It may not be the way that you do it. So it's not like everybody's kind of unique, and on their own. The rotating buddies is nice, too. And I know, you guys, everybody faces weather channels or whether challenges. And so, yeah.

00:41:43.300 --> 00:42:00.490
Tatum Wilson: yeah, our people really love it, and it also again putting the ball on the team members court. They know who their rotating buddy is, and at times depending on who's leading. You know that leader may say it's up to you to swap when we put it on the leader before

00:42:00.490 --> 00:42:24.620
Tatum Wilson: we run into towns where the team member, they're such a good worker, and they wanna honor that leader that they don't say, Hey, it's really hot out here, and I wanna come inside. And so when it's vis it's visibly there that they have a person swap with, they'll say, go out there for 10Â min, and that team member swaps on their own with their person. And it's it's a system that they're now made aware of what that leader was going to have them do.

00:42:24.620 --> 00:42:47.090
Tatum Wilson: And it just it helps everybody lead themselves really in situations like that. And sometimes up. We we felt like was there was resentment from the team member towards the leader, you know, because the leader put me out here, and the leader forgot all about me. Well, the leader probably defending our leader for a little bit, and most of you are leaders all here. It's just you're caught up in the business of the store. It's not an intentional thing. It's just

00:42:47.090 --> 00:43:13.460
Tatum Wilson: it slipped your mind that, hey? That 15Â min or 30Â min have passed, and II didn't rotate that person. And so this puts it a little bit more on the team member and lets it takes it off of the leader a little bit, and and then the team member doesn't have as much angst towards the leader, for you left me out here for 2Â h and forgot all about me, you know. So that that's a nice thing where they can see who they're assigned and kind of rotating with.

00:43:15.620 --> 00:43:27.029
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, that is, that is fantastic. And I've I've seen that all across the country, too. It's either too cold or too hot. And that really super helps. I'm the team manager for shifts.

00:43:27.180 --> 00:43:31.670
Michael Alvarez: What are some best practices that you found in managing a system like that?

00:43:32.460 --> 00:43:44.800
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So as it says, having it done by 8 pm. The night before. And that's really even that is kind of a last minute thing. Actually, lately we've been trying to get our leaders in the habit of doing it, setting

00:43:44.850 --> 00:43:48.249
Tatum Wilson: for the upcoming week, simply because

00:43:48.590 --> 00:44:03.819
Tatum Wilson: with growing and having more people having to be scheduled. They will catch holes in the schedule, and and we tell them we'll tell them, hey? That's why it's so important. You know. We know it's due by 8 the night before, but it is so important that you're looking ahead because

00:44:04.550 --> 00:44:32.390
Tatum Wilson: 20'clock before your 5 to close shift, you can't really fix the schedule, and you're kind of left with you know what you have but if you're looking on a Sunday for all the other days in the week we can. You don't even have to do the work. We can do that work and fix it for you. So yeah, I think by 8 pm. The night before is definitely a bare minimum. Best practice. And then any further any foresight you can have that leader, you know, using with making their setup early is just gonna be more helpful.

00:44:33.200 --> 00:44:39.360
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, that's a phenomenal idea to always know what the skeleton crew should be in and and work off of that.

00:44:39.740 --> 00:45:06.919
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. And we currently. So we're actually developing right now. We got it from another restaurant. So can't take the credit there. But it's basically positional requirements, and II think every store has their own version of this, but it's a visual of our building from an aerial aerial view, and there it's color coded to say, Hey, all the red ones? That's your skeleton crew. And if you only have X amount of people, this is where you bare minimum need to put them. And if you don't have all the red fill.

00:45:06.920 --> 00:45:25.849
Tatum Wilson: we we need to add another person. And then we have some additional, you know, maybe, Gray, it's like, if it's a peak time. This is where we want our extra labor focus, that if you have extra people don't add them over here. We want it focused here. So yeah, that the skeleton crew is extremely important for them to understand.

00:45:25.950 --> 00:45:40.869
Tatum Wilson: And I think the reason in in to what Taylor said. We got this from another store. The reason is, it helps the leader to where that we're all on the same page, because the leader might add, the person over here. And you're like, why did you put them there? We need this person here. So we've tried to make it

00:45:40.870 --> 00:45:57.289
Tatum Wilson: really clear for the leader, and with one click, though to Mike, with the fact that you don't have to write up, set, write out setups and things like that. They can drop and drag and do those setups, you know. Really, really quick, I'm like, it doesn't take them a long time to be able to do those setups.

00:45:57.290 --> 00:46:13.519
Tatum Wilson: And we usually have people leading different for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And so we have different leaders. I feel like throughout. So so it's not like Tatums. Got to do the full day. Set up. No, Tatums just got to do her day part. Set up and get that submitted.

00:46:13.520 --> 00:46:23.219
Tatum Wilson: you know, as far as that goes, and Tatum may only be leading a couple of days this upcoming week, and so she has plenty of time to get those things done.

00:46:24.020 --> 00:46:27.280
Michael Alvarez: Yeah. And just like you said hot schedules.

00:46:27.490 --> 00:46:40.070
Michael Alvarez: We pull in the data from hot schedules and check fully corporate into here. And then you can just drag and drop people into locate into places. And then, once you actually have all of your team members rated

00:46:40.380 --> 00:46:45.350
Michael Alvarez: by training, and and who is good at what or who needs help? Where

00:46:45.630 --> 00:46:48.879
Michael Alvarez: then you hit the click. A magic button down here.

00:46:50.270 --> 00:46:55.440
Michael Alvarez: It's auto schedule, and that puts all your aces in their places.

00:46:56.600 --> 00:46:58.270
Michael Alvarez: And yeah, that's that.

00:46:59.060 --> 00:47:05.520
Michael Alvarez: It's it's a huge time saver and and just like you said at the beginning of the presentation.

00:47:07.230 --> 00:47:08.050
Michael Alvarez: these.

00:47:09.210 --> 00:47:17.270
Michael Alvarez: So what are your final thoughts? What are your what would you like to do? What would you like for other leaders to hear

00:47:17.290 --> 00:47:23.269
Michael Alvarez: that would help them to to level up and and be able to run a more efficient store.

00:47:23.820 --> 00:47:47.780
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, I mean, I definitely think just creating a system. You know, and then getting people to buy into it with creating that trust that, hey? We're really gonna execute on this. And it is gonna matter. Everyone will eventually become. They will have faith in that, and setting those expectations won't feel so foreign to the team. They'll know that you have expectations, and you're, gonna

00:47:47.780 --> 00:48:06.829
Tatum Wilson: you know, at least have a conversation whatever framework you said. When the expectations aren't met. So yeah. And I think the big buzz word that everybody talks about. And Mark Miller wrote a book, and I think Matthew Kelly did around culture and things like that, you know, even old Miss. Here we just got a new basketball coach in Chris beer, you know, and

00:48:06.830 --> 00:48:23.479
Tatum Wilson: their big thing. They got culture all over their shirt. So culture is the big buzz word. And I think if you're gonna create the culture that you want to create, you've gotta. You've gotta put the bones and the things in place from the accountability and the thing that you wanna hold people to. And so

00:48:23.480 --> 00:48:43.549
Tatum Wilson: that's a huge thing. One click really helps us a lot in that. And then I think in the other deal. The other book that we spend a lot of time reading and studying is the power of moments. And and I'm gonna tag it and say, if we have less time that we have to work on focusing on

00:48:43.550 --> 00:49:10.790
Tatum Wilson: setups and accountability, and all of that, it frees you up as a leader, to be able to get out and to create some moments with the guest. And you know, Andrew here at nets just talked about creating these moments of care more, you know. And and how do we show more care? And so Chip and Dan Heath wrote a great book, talking about the power of moments and just creating those moments, not only for your guests.

00:49:10.790 --> 00:49:19.180
Tatum Wilson: but also for your team members to. And so that's been a great resource for us that we've tried to kind of think through and and implement some things

00:49:20.230 --> 00:49:32.820
Michael Alvarez: I love that, and also thank you for putting together these documents for for everybody who joined who joined the call, and these are all editable

00:49:32.990 --> 00:49:37.639
Michael Alvarez: these are editable documents, so that you can actually

00:49:37.930 --> 00:49:52.050
Michael Alvarez: Edit them on canva and and do what you need to, so that you can modify it and make it your own. Change the points, print off the Moola box things like that. And then and then 1 one other thing that we have here is the Roi calculator.

00:49:52.190 --> 00:49:54.699
Michael Alvarez: and the Roi calculator is

00:49:55.060 --> 00:50:01.090
Michael Alvarez:  is a calculator where you can actually plug in

00:50:01.200 --> 00:50:27.129
Michael Alvarez: the amount of time that it takes you to do setups and your layouts and your playbooks, and and how how time consuming it is to track training and break management and and everything like this. And the link is is gonna be on this slide so that it so that it gives you a total at the end. And you can use this as a use case literally. If if you could save half of a person.

00:50:27.630 --> 00:50:36.490
Michael Alvarez: or in a year like, if if you could save one person. you know, from quitting, that would be incredible savings for the restaurant

00:50:36.600 --> 00:50:43.489
Michael Alvarez: and and and a lot of people don't realize that until it's far too late. So we're moving into the

00:50:43.830 --> 00:50:46.450
Michael Alvarez:  into the

00:50:46.920 --> 00:50:48.100
Tatum Wilson: let's see.

00:50:48.120 --> 00:50:52.170
Michael Alvarez: we are alright, really quickly.

00:50:52.460 --> 00:50:55.700
Michael Alvarez: Just a few features that we've lost. You may not know about

00:50:55.850 --> 00:51:08.560
Michael Alvarez: passports. Passports is a connector between Pathway 2, and that allows you to track the training in pathway, the inside of one click, so that you know the progress of your new team members.

00:51:08.620 --> 00:51:12.370
Michael Alvarez: There's integrated messaging that I just scroll down in Beta

00:51:12.610 --> 00:51:23.189
Michael Alvarez: and we can enable that for you as well. There's an auto schedule button like the one that I showed you, and also, you can plan your playbooks ahead of time and and to be able to

00:51:23.210 --> 00:51:28.070
Michael Alvarez: to plan all of that ahead of time has been a huge game team, game game changer for a lot of

00:51:28.240 --> 00:51:31.130
Michael Alvarez: a lot of people. Now we're at the QA.

00:51:31.340 --> 00:51:33.579
Michael Alvarez: Q. And a session.

00:51:33.700 --> 00:51:48.600
Michael Alvarez: and now and at the end. Anybody who stays to the end. By the way, what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna do do give away another $50 Amazon gift certificate to the person that we feel last the best question.

00:51:48.760 --> 00:51:57.609
Michael Alvarez: So let's hit it.  are there any few future updates to the Moola system?

00:51:58.140 --> 00:52:08.349
Michael Alvarez: Let's see, we like to report employees. But there is. So. The Moola system right now is is still in Beta. There's a few things we did

00:52:08.900 --> 00:52:12.080
Michael Alvarez: more so because of

00:52:13.110 --> 00:52:17.979
Michael Alvarez: Tatums and Lance's excitement about the the

00:52:18.220 --> 00:52:21.429
Michael Alvarez: the point system for accountability system.

00:52:21.540 --> 00:52:32.540
Michael Alvarez: We actually decided to actually put that ahead of finishing the move system right? The move system works good enough. There's a few things that we need to change and to actually finalize that.

00:52:32.830 --> 00:52:39.919
Michael Alvarez: But the the point system for infractions, we felt was of greater importance

00:52:39.980 --> 00:52:42.029
Michael Alvarez: to be able to help

00:52:42.280 --> 00:52:58.460
Michael Alvarez: to help with that. And and it is on the roadmap. So just to let you know we are redesigning. We have redesigned the entire application. It's taken us an entire year to redesign it, and here, within the next couple of months. The goal is to launch that redesign.

00:52:58.630 --> 00:53:01.990
Michael Alvarez: and with that redesign is gonna be

00:53:02.030 --> 00:53:10.679
Michael Alvarez: the point system, the the positive point system with Mila. And then, and the negative point system embedded in that. So all of that is in the work.

00:53:10.940 --> 00:53:18.850
Michael Alvarez:  we had one click and change to visible. And now we're coming back to one. Click is one click going to add messaging soon

00:53:18.870 --> 00:53:34.000
Michael Alvarez: what other features are coming soon? So yes, messaging for sure. We're redesigning the entire application. And there's a lot more top secret stuff that's coming. But we we will announce those later on.

00:53:36.200 --> 00:53:38.339
Michael Alvarez: Well, let's see here.

00:53:38.630 --> 00:53:39.990
Michael Alvarez: what is that?

00:53:40.150 --> 00:53:46.710
Michael Alvarez: Anybody have any specific questions for Tatum and Lance. Let's see.

00:53:48.960 --> 00:54:04.320
Michael Alvarez: Yes, we are recording this, and we will. It takes us a few days to render the recording, and then we'll send it out to everybody. Will it categorize the back of house and the front of house schedules into the one-click app account?

00:54:05.250 --> 00:54:08.909
Michael Alvarez: Do you, wanna do you wanna take a stab at that datum or lance?

00:54:09.320 --> 00:54:13.570
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, so can you. W. Will we categorize the front of house and back of house.

00:54:14.050 --> 00:54:15.950
Tatum Wilson: Sorry. I don't think I understand the question.

00:54:16.210 --> 00:54:24.619
Michael Alvarez: Will it categorize back of the house in front of house? II think what they're asking for is, does it? Does it provide schedules for both front of house and back of house?

00:54:24.650 --> 00:54:27.020
Michael Alvarez: Maybe even like a kid.

00:54:27.260 --> 00:54:46.809
Michael Alvarez: could be also other areas like drive through. And things like that. Yeah, so we we actually when we open backup for remodel, used it for our food truck as well. So as many layouts as you need. So we have a front, a house and back a house, I think. At 1 point we had a dining room because we were trying to separate

00:54:46.810 --> 00:55:10.869
Tatum Wilson: into dining room, just learning the new layout of our building. We don't do that anymore. But yeah, so any any amount of layout so far, customization, though. Yeah, whatever that's the great thing I think about one click is that you you guys can customize it really to your store, and and so you might have different positions than what we have. And so you you can customize it and make it work

00:55:11.000 --> 00:55:13.239
Tatum Wilson: with whatever your setup is

00:55:15.220 --> 00:55:18.110
Michael Alvarez: fantastic. Let's see.

00:55:18.630 --> 00:55:22.830
Michael Alvarez: can we have a separate accountability section for leadership?

00:55:23.000 --> 00:55:33.300
Tatum Wilson: That's a pretty good question. I today, as I was implement or logging in the infractions that I wanted for our leaders

00:55:33.300 --> 00:55:56.410
Tatum Wilson: label them leader, and then typed out the infraction type. So they do all come to the same. Drop down but ideally, you want leaders also holding other leaders. Accountable, Mike, you may have more to say because it's your software. But and and Mike, maybe that's a feature. You all can add. That may be a great thing to toggle between a team member and a team leader, you know, because what Tatam was saying

00:55:56.410 --> 00:56:06.329
Tatum Wilson: so to the point that they're bringing it up right now. She just kind of created leader. But that might be something for you guys to consider and toggle between team member and and leader.

00:56:07.740 --> 00:56:19.099
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, that is a fantastic idea. And the other question right here has to do with accountability and and how that works. So here we have a demo account.

00:56:19.750 --> 00:56:20.990
Michael Alvarez: And

00:56:25.640 --> 00:56:27.749
Michael Alvarez: so there's a couple of areas.

00:56:28.800 --> 00:56:38.740
Michael Alvarez: There's a couple of areas for accountability. One is training and to actually rate each team member for each position in the store. But then there's infractions.

00:56:39.080 --> 00:56:45.779
Michael Alvarez: And in the infractions you get to choose what the point system is and what the infractions are for

00:56:45.880 --> 00:56:59.839
Michael Alvarez: for your team members. You get to choose the infraction types. You get to choose the points. and we also believe in grace. So you also get to choose the amount of time

00:56:59.920 --> 00:57:04.679
Michael Alvarez: that you want that to last before falls off the record right?

00:57:05.400 --> 00:57:15.670
Michael Alvarez: Can you. Can you add the can you add to this? I, how important is it to be able to provide this grace period for for infractions?

00:57:15.700 --> 00:57:34.670
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, it's it's very important, when extending grace, to be able to either delete it altogether or make it immediately, you know, expire, so that there's no point value but that there's a log or record of it, as you're scrolling through their infractions that maybe something happened. But we decided, you know.

00:57:34.680 --> 00:57:47.390
Tatum Wilson: hey, you had to take your baby to the er so we're not gonna document you for points on that. However, if there's a pattern that shows up, we can see that later. It's really important, especially retaining people to give that grace

00:57:47.910 --> 00:57:49.769
Tatum Wilson: the other thing.

00:57:49.910 --> 00:58:01.800
Tatum Wilson: You said that the window so we just extended our window to 6 months that they won't expire until 6 months in the future. And that's because we doing away with pay changes. We're trying to make it, you know.

00:58:02.480 --> 00:58:08.709
Tatum Wilson: last for longer on your record, so to speak. So that we can track it for longer.

00:58:08.750 --> 00:58:31.350
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. And we'll we'll see how that goes. We'd been it 90 days. Yeah. So as I said, we're constantly kind of playing with things, too, and some of the things that we do and try, you know, if if it's not working, we're gonna kind of pivot and try something else. So so we we're editing right now and making a few changes ourselves.

00:58:31.870 --> 00:58:39.779
Michael Alvarez: That is great. I've never heard of anybody going as far as 6 months, but I would love to hear your feedback is how that goes. We have another question.

00:58:40.330 --> 00:58:50.990
Michael Alvarez: Oh, go ahead, no, I said, we'll see how it goes. Yeah, who knows? Right? Yeah, we'd love to hear it. Another question on how it is that we actually rate

00:58:51.250 --> 00:58:57.050
Michael Alvarez: team members based on position. So let's go ahead and try that. So for example, window

00:58:57.890 --> 00:59:13.660
Michael Alvarez: we have what's called the rubric and the and and you get to rate team members by position, by speed, accuracy, communication, and hospitality, the quality of service that they give. And and you're gonna notice here, depending on the number of stars that you give.

00:59:13.830 --> 00:59:17.710
Michael Alvarez: the explanation changes, and you can actually customize

00:59:17.950 --> 00:59:25.370
Michael Alvarez: and change the definitions for each one of these stars as well to fit to customize, to to fit your needs.

00:59:25.650 --> 00:59:28.859
Michael Alvarez: We are the only application that we know of

00:59:28.890 --> 00:59:41.919
Michael Alvarez: that, because we are solely focused and laser focused on shipfully. We have 15 team members as part of one click app that are engineers and support experts

00:59:41.980 --> 00:59:47.750
Michael Alvarez: that everything that we do is laser focused on Chick-fil-a. And

00:59:47.800 --> 00:59:56.359
Michael Alvarez: and that's where we've come up with these ideas. And that's how how we've been able to to create these systems. And we also hire

00:59:56.530 --> 01:00:09.730
Michael Alvarez: former Chick-fil-a employees as well. And that's and that it's super helpful to make that happen. So then you create a rating, and then you submit the rating. But at the end, once you have everybody rated, you get this matrix

01:00:09.760 --> 01:00:12.250
Michael Alvarez: and everybody in the darker blue

01:00:12.940 --> 01:00:17.950
Michael Alvarez: that has the 5 actually has. Really good ratings. Anybody in red

01:00:18.340 --> 01:00:23.300
Michael Alvarez: or lighter color needs some attention. If you want to find out who all your

01:00:23.880 --> 01:00:35.939
Michael Alvarez:  who is really expert in window. Just sort it, and you can find all your fives, or who needs help a window. And you find those individuals and you help them and you and you train them.

01:00:36.450 --> 01:00:37.950
Michael Alvarez: Let's see

01:00:39.410 --> 01:00:44.070
Michael Alvarez: the team members see what they're rated or just leadership. That's a fantastic question.

01:00:44.120 --> 01:00:56.289
Michael Alvarez: The other thing I was gonna say is, we're the only app that I know that helps to customize the app to the way that you run your store. There are 2 options. You can either leave the meetings open for everybody to see

01:00:56.520 --> 01:01:01.779
Michael Alvarez: all of your team members to see what? Only their own ratings.

01:01:02.110 --> 01:01:14.420
Michael Alvarez: or you can block them from seeing their own ratings. A lot of stores use that as a feedback loop. But how do you choose to use that data lens, do you? Do you allow them to see their own ratings or not?

01:01:16.810 --> 01:01:24.809
Tatum Wilson: No, we don't allow them to either. Well, I think I, honestly, I'm not sure I know they can't see anyone else's. And then Leader can't

01:01:25.370 --> 01:01:27.519
Tatum Wilson: see any comments about them.

01:01:27.720 --> 01:01:32.469
Tatum Wilson: So I actually, if I were to answer gut reaction. No, they cannot see theirs.

01:01:33.910 --> 01:01:34.870
Michael Alvarez: Great.

01:01:35.430 --> 01:01:44.459
Michael Alvarez:  There are several other questions. I know we're a little bit over time. Do you guys have a few minutes

01:01:44.580 --> 01:02:00.530
Tatum Wilson: we could spend another 5Â min, and then it says, Can you explain more on how you use the Moola system? Can any leader give out the Moola to employees for good work. Can we customize the allowance of moola handouts for leaders?

01:02:00.540 --> 01:02:14.390
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, how do you leaders use one click for? Yeah. Leaders can hand out. Move team members cannot. And currently, I think we had it set to 25, you know, per week. But

01:02:14.510 --> 01:02:19.429
Tatum Wilson: II don't think that's ever an issue. And if someone came and said it, so

01:02:19.690 --> 01:02:22.769
Tatum Wilson: online is where we cap it through the software

01:02:22.840 --> 01:02:46.569
Tatum Wilson: in physical move box, there's not really a cap we just if they gave out a ton that we we would be super happy. And so we don't really cap it, especially since there's one person uploading that data online every month. Let's see, can any leader it can be for anything? It can be a great attitude, great work for skipping, prompt to come to your ship, or you know, even if you

01:02:46.680 --> 01:03:07.149
Tatum Wilson: it could be that you totally messed up what you've recovered against. Well, so it's literally any action that we want to see more of. Ii think the great thing about it, too, is that it's really empowered that leader, and given that leader away to celebrate the team number there on the spot, you know. And just

01:03:07.150 --> 01:03:28.159
Tatum Wilson: so, yeah, it's it's and we haven't had anybody really abuse it. I don't feel like no, no leader has gone out and just given out so much. We have had people play favorites but that's usually just an indicator of the type of leader they are, and we usually have way, more conversations than just that conversation.

01:03:28.210 --> 01:03:42.110
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, I hope that, answered all of them. I think, for us, we use it more tangibly, and then just post it in in the software of one click. So it's probably if you're just only going to use it digitally. You can customize a lot more of what you're asking.

01:03:42.730 --> 01:03:51.399
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. And I see where Jorge was asking. Maybe have a separate point system for the team that may be in their probationary time period.

01:03:51.400 --> 01:04:15.530
Tatum Wilson: II don't know that we're really tracking, or probably writing up new hires in that sense, we usually have a little bit of a training and grace period. It probably wouldn't start until after they get through the the training type. You know, period. As far as that goes. Right? Yeah. Our training period is 3 to 4. Training shifts. But they definitely they will get written up as a trainee if they don't show.

01:04:15.530 --> 01:04:23.440
Tatum Wilson: But that's more of an alert that we get. And we say that person's brand new. What happened? Who reached out? What did they say, what did they say when you called them?

01:04:23.440 --> 01:04:40.879
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So that's a nice feature, too. And sometimes we see a pattern there that if they don't show up for a training shift there. It's probably a telltale sign that they are not going to be very dependable for us going forward. And so it does show us a little bit of a pattern early on

01:04:41.370 --> 01:04:51.520
Michael Alvarez: great last question. Is there an opportunity? Whoops that's scrolled up? Is there an opportunity to add a team member. Comment once

01:04:52.150 --> 01:04:54.240
Michael Alvarez: let's see.

01:04:54.590 --> 01:05:06.729
Michael Alvarez: is there an opportunity to add a team member comment once issue once once they're issued an infraction, maybe to explain the situation or capture the information not captured by the leader

01:05:06.950 --> 01:05:10.629
Michael Alvarez: that issued the infraction. Yes, absolutely.

01:05:10.860 --> 01:05:17.810
Michael Alvarez: Once. when you issue the infraction. let me go back to that.

01:05:23.850 --> 01:05:25.180
Michael Alvarez: There is.

01:05:30.050 --> 01:05:34.920
Michael Alvarez: So after you issue the information, okay, go back

01:05:39.860 --> 01:05:40.940
Michael Alvarez: here it is.

01:05:42.340 --> 01:05:44.979
Michael Alvarez: It's great. This one clicked.

01:05:45.610 --> 01:05:49.839
Michael Alvarez: That's it. Right here. Okay, so you issue the infraction here.

01:05:52.260 --> 01:05:56.789
Michael Alvarez: and then you give them the grace period. And this is where you add your notes.

01:05:57.710 --> 01:06:23.679
Tatum Wilson:  so I also something. When I was actually in it today, changing a lot. There's the reply to email. So I think when they might. This is actually a question. But it looked this way. When they get that notification, they can reply to that email, and it will come back to whatever you put in there for them to dispute. If they don't want to reach out on a messaging platform.

01:06:26.690 --> 01:06:29.500
Michael Alvarez: It doesn't work like that right now.

01:06:29.610 --> 01:06:40.370
Tatum Wilson: II wasn't sure I saw that. But yeah, ours usually reach out on slack immediately. So I mean, I feel like, if you build communication, your store, they know how to reach you.

01:06:40.520 --> 01:06:44.089
Michael Alvarez: So just so, you know, we are launching a signature system

01:06:44.320 --> 01:06:49.600
Michael Alvarez: so that'll help facilitate that as well.

01:06:50.210 --> 01:06:55.489
Michael Alvarez: So this is actually going to allow the leader and via and the team member to both sign it

01:06:55.570 --> 01:06:59.920
Michael Alvarez: so that there's so that you know that there's clear communication about that issue

01:06:59.970 --> 01:07:01.160
Michael Alvarez: between both of them.

01:07:01.610 --> 01:07:04.700
Michael Alvarez: So the so

01:07:05.310 --> 01:07:13.989
Michael Alvarez: that's the end of the webinar. Thank you so much. There we are. Gonna do the giveaway that I think the winning question was from Jorge Custianos.

01:07:14.490 --> 01:07:16.700
who asked about

01:07:16.800 --> 01:07:25.080
Michael Alvarez: adding the notes to the infraction system, which is fantastic. Tatum and lance. Seriously.

01:07:25.260 --> 01:07:37.249
Michael Alvarez: I really do admire lance for all of the extra service that you do for others, and it really is inspiring

01:07:37.350 --> 01:07:45.099
Michael Alvarez: that you get to travel all over the world and actually do acts of service for others, but they hear Chick-fil-a, and also you and Tatum.

01:07:45.270 --> 01:08:03.230
Michael Alvarez: You're so passionate about what you're doing, and you're so passionate about sharing with others, and you also a great partner that you actually see your software provider is actually a partner, or we can grow together. And and II think that just

01:08:03.320 --> 01:08:23.900
Michael Alvarez: that positivity and how you see the world just just helps all around. I really do appreciate both of you. And it really has been a fantastic ride to try to put this presentation together, to be able to help others and and help them along the way with these, and then

01:08:24.359 --> 01:08:36.669
Michael Alvarez: couple of us are gonna stay here extra if you happen to walk. Ca, if you happen to want to stay, what we're gonna do is we're just gonna enable the speaker for all participants

01:08:36.689 --> 01:08:50.720
Michael Alvarez: and just stay on here and just answer questions. And I can stay here for another 15Â min, and if anybody else from from one click or pay them a lance if you want to stick around, and if you want to ask additional questions.

01:08:50.729 --> 01:08:56.209
Michael Alvarez: happy to answer those as well, and I'm gonna stop presenting this these slides

01:08:56.870 --> 01:09:05.780
Michael Alvarez: for a few more minutes, Mike, if need be. great! Let's just enable everybody speakers

01:09:06.790 --> 01:09:08.200
Michael Alvarez: and then

01:09:10.000 --> 01:09:37.140
Kevin (OneClickApp.com): and anybody. So while you're doing that, one of the questions was from Kara, she says, for the disciplinary side of one click, how does that hold up in an unemployment claim. Lance, can you speak to that being that we have never done that before? Yeah, I would say, you know, from an unemployment claim, I think, where it's gonna help a little bit tara is just having the documentation.

01:09:37.140 --> 01:09:55.459
Tatum Wilson: you know, that they had been written up. I think you could probably go back and print those things in those write ups. The other beauty about that, too, is as we said earlier, they get an email document documentation saying what they were written up for and what happened.

01:09:55.460 --> 01:10:17.380
Tatum Wilson: So if it did come back, you could be like, Look, you are aware you receive this information. You know Yada Yada Yada, so I personally think it would help. I haven't been in an unemployment claim in which I have had to use it, but II don't think it would be hurtful. I think it would only be helpful. You have any thoughts. No, II think it tracks it, and that's

01:10:17.430 --> 01:10:24.429
Tatum Wilson: no more, you know, or less, if you're using it minimally than paper and a following cabinet. So

01:10:25.020 --> 01:10:33.690
Michael Alvarez: so if anybody has a question. Actually, instead of unmuting everybody, just raise your hand and we will unmute your microphone so you can ask a question.

01:10:33.800 --> 01:10:51.069
Michael Alvarez:  under the passport manager. Can we have a position? For answer? Yes, the passports are incredible. You could actually create your own trainings and create a checklist for your trainings. Let's say, there's trainings that are specific to your store.

01:10:51.370 --> 01:11:00.880
Michael Alvarez: You could actually create like Youtube videos and create links to those Youtube videos and link those to that, to the to a passport, and then that could be all checked off.

01:11:00.950 --> 01:11:21.409
Tatum Wilson: and then you and your leader check. Check off the the checklist. I will say this Mike with with for everybody that is still on here. You guys have got so many bells and whistles. It is great, it can be overwhelming. I'm gonna say, what? Tatum said, start small. We still have not. We're still not

01:11:21.410 --> 01:11:48.410
Tatum Wilson: I using everything that one click offers. It's great. But there are so many things, I think, from the training stuff and the passports. Those are amazing and great. I think we're you. You and I talk last time about the chat. We haven't really even dabbled into the chat which would get rid of Slack and some of the other, you know, features that were out there. I think the thing that we want

01:11:48.450 --> 01:12:03.380
Tatum Wilson: and what we love about one click is that we want our team member to just go to one place and be able to find all the information they need, you know. And so that's what we like most about one click, so that they don't have to download 3 or 4 different apps.

01:12:04.520 --> 01:12:08.720
Michael Alvarez: That's awesome. Jorge has his hand up. Dig in.

01:12:08.910 --> 01:12:12.609
Michael Alvarez: hey? Hey? What's up?

01:12:12.670 --> 01:12:23.300
Jorge Castellanos: Good to see you guys, hey? Mike? Hey? So yeah, I just want a second what Lance was talking about we started small. What we did was we issue, we started like with a checklist just for the kitchen.

01:12:23.340 --> 01:12:42.639
Jorge Castellanos: Then moved it upfront. Then we started with the chats kitchen. Then we moved it all up front. Since the kitchen had a smaller group. We could kind of implement it, track it and then move everything over in front Point system. Now as well. Kitchen. Now we're moving it up front. So it was kind of like a let's play with a little kitchen kind of a test group, and we were able to implement it easier. And

01:12:42.690 --> 01:12:47.739
Jorge Castellanos: kind of troubleshoot everything we needed to do tweak things before moving it to. You know the rest of the

01:12:47.760 --> 01:12:49.469
Jorge Castellanos: 65% of the team.

01:12:49.600 --> 01:12:53.850
But my question is on the Roi

01:12:54.240 --> 01:13:11.829
Jorge Castellanos:  I think I saw it not so long ago. The ir, the roi in that I know, talks about all of them. The time loss like doing your layout and stuff like that? Does that also calculate the time in which the accountability piece

01:13:11.910 --> 01:13:25.059
Jorge Castellanos: takes away from the leadership. So like. you know, the the misunderstandings between, like the write ups right, or like the time it takes to write people up or having those in uncomfortable conversations. Is that also kind of

01:13:25.310 --> 01:13:27.589
Jorge Castellanos: cause. So I'm trying to do. I'm trying to

01:13:27.900 --> 01:13:36.480
Jorge Castellanos: get my team bought into the whole piece, for, like the layout stuff, but also that accountability part. So wondering if that's something we can add to that.

01:13:37.410 --> 01:14:03.720
Tatum Wilson: So I know the Roi is not our tool. But one thing I will say is that accountability hasn't necessarily saved us anytime. We still ask that our leaders like if they have written someone up without confronting them in person face to face. Then they didn't do their job. And so for us we probably wouldn't remove any, you know, labor in that sense. But yeah, Mike, I know you probably had an answer to that.

01:14:03.760 --> 01:14:14.589
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, really, where the return on investment is is actually decreasing bad behavior. Right? So it did. The feedback unanimously to every

01:14:14.730 --> 01:14:21.839
Michael Alvarez: store leader that I visited is is that they have decreased bad behavior anywhere between 50 to 80 in their store.

01:14:21.870 --> 01:14:25.770
Michael Alvarez: and for people being late wearing uniform

01:14:25.800 --> 01:14:34.980
Michael Alvarez: just a various amount of things. So for for labor savings, not really but decreasing. That behavior like decreases chaos

01:14:35.100 --> 01:14:37.440
Michael Alvarez: and increases your sanity

01:14:37.990 --> 01:14:43.849
Michael Alvarez: right? So I don't know what the value is on sanity. But there should be a value assigned to it.

01:14:43.920 --> 01:14:49.820
Michael Alvarez: That's a fantastic question. Go ahead. Anybody else have their hand raised.

01:14:54.980 --> 01:14:58.399
Michael Alvarez: Sending a checklist to position. Note person.

01:14:58.730 --> 01:15:08.600
Michael Alvarez: What's what's the difference between email notifications and the accountability settings. I see 2 different options. Hmm.

01:15:12.330 --> 01:15:21.710
Michael Alvarez: I don't know. I will get that answer for you. I was pretty sure I thought, it's my understanding that everybody gets an email notification after infection.

01:15:21.840 --> 01:15:24.690
Michael Alvarez: And let's see.

01:15:26.200 --> 01:15:34.849
Michael Alvarez: And, Tyler, I'll ask somebody to follow up with you to help you to to answer that question. Angelina. Angelina, you're ready.

01:15:34.850 --> 01:15:57.139
Angelina Plummer: Hello! Hi, everyone! So my question is because I know we tackled a little bit about like somebody had mentioned, maybe like a separate accountability with leaders. So the point system that we have, we use that as a whole in general for everyone when it comes to like attendance or behavior, or something like that.

01:15:57.140 --> 01:16:08.739
Angelina Plummer: I think my question is like, at some point like is there a way that we can kind of develop that point system based off of

01:16:10.440 --> 01:16:23.769
What was what position the team member in? As far as like if they're a trainer or a leader, or something like that. Cause, as of right now. We have that point system. But we also have an additional point system when it comes to the trainers and leaders that we track

01:16:23.790 --> 01:16:30.880
Angelina Plummer: off of Google sheets when it comes to like, because they have more expectations. There's more responsibilities to them.

01:16:30.970 --> 01:16:32.370
Angelina Plummer: And all that.

01:16:36.910 --> 01:16:39.690
Michael Alvarez: Yeah. But what are your thoughts, Tatum?

01:16:40.800 --> 01:16:49.090
Tatum Wilson: Yeah. So in terms of like y'all building that out, I do think it'd be super valuable for us. we.

01:16:49.150 --> 01:17:02.810
Tatum Wilson: What we have is strictly leader. So we have team member, and then we have leader accountability and so implementation wise. Yes, I think you definitely need a different standard set for your leaders trainers.

01:17:02.830 --> 01:17:21.390
Tatum Wilson: you know we don't have that built out right now, but I think our training directors at some point probably will come up with something as they as they grow. What we're doing in training right now we're we're trying to get it off the ground and and grow it a little more in the email side and stuff like that. But with leaders we broke it down into categories of

01:17:21.410 --> 01:17:45.750
Tatum Wilson: money. Well, operations, money security, people. So the only thing under the category of people is literally holding people accountable. So if we come in and we, I find out that someone's shirt is untucked. For example, I'm writing that person up and the leader because I shouldn't have caught that before you did. And then the other thing.

01:17:45.830 --> 01:18:06.220
Tatum Wilson: yeah. And then professionalism. From a leader standpoint as well like communication, you know. Did. Did you drop the ball in communication so much that it hurt something and operations? And we have. We have that a lot. So II don't know necessarily on that trainer level. But definitely a separation or an additional layer for leaders.

01:18:06.470 --> 01:18:10.830
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, it's a great idea. And also just chatted a link

01:18:10.890 --> 01:18:17.020
Michael Alvarez: to to where you can actually to give ideas or feedback

01:18:17.160 --> 01:18:31.029
Michael Alvarez: so that if you want, let's say your customer one click. We see it as a partnership for very few dollars a month, you actually get the millions of dollars and thousands of hours that we've actually spent on the technology.

01:18:31.150 --> 01:18:37.059
Michael Alvarez: And you get to piggyback off of that, and we see you as a partner. You have great ideas.

01:18:37.180 --> 01:18:42.150
Michael Alvarez: Use us as like your custom development shop.

01:18:42.560 --> 01:19:01.729
Michael Alvarez: to build the solutions that are actually gonna help you to succeed in your store, and then we will actually add them to our queue. And we will eventually develop those, because we know that if they help you in your store there's gonna be somebody with somebody else with the same case scenario in another store. It's gonna help them as well.

01:19:01.850 --> 01:19:09.539
Michael Alvarez: So go ahead. You can click on that link, and you can submit those ideas. And that that would be that's super helpful

01:19:10.810 --> 01:19:14.850
Michael Alvarez: any other questions, Angelina? Or does that? Is that? Does that help?

01:19:15.140 --> 01:19:17.410
Yeah, no, that was good. Thank you so much.

01:19:18.610 --> 01:19:31.250
Michael Alvarez: Great anybody else. any other raise hands. If not, I don't see any. There is one more reason, one more reason. Okay, we'll do one final one. Ashley.

01:19:31.400 --> 01:19:33.539
Michael Alvarez: Where are you from? Ashley? What state.

01:19:36.390 --> 01:19:38.259
I am all the way out here in Arizona.

01:19:38.350 --> 01:19:54.690
Ashley Shranko: How's my question was just a little bit about the checklist features. We like to utilize checklists a lot. So I was just curious. Are you able to assign checklists to specific positions? That will be added?

01:19:55.190 --> 01:19:59.330
Ashley Shranko: And is there a reward system.

01:19:59.690 --> 01:20:03.209
connected with the checklist as well as far as like checklist completion.

01:20:06.480 --> 01:20:11.849
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, right now, you can only assign them to people the the team members or or leaders.

01:20:12.090 --> 01:20:14.650
Michael Alvarez: but the

01:20:14.760 --> 01:20:24.060
Michael Alvarez: something that's unique about our checklist system that that nobody else does is that you can actually assign multiple people to a single checklist as well.

01:20:24.270 --> 01:20:41.249
Michael Alvarez:  any thoughts to them on how you use checklist or on this question. We actually don't use one click for checklist right now we've dabbled in it. But we just haven't left our old system. It's not a software we have QR codes up with

01:20:41.260 --> 01:20:44.560
Tatum Wilson: lists and pictures and all of that. So

01:20:45.150 --> 01:20:46.040
Michael Alvarez: yeah.

01:20:46.310 --> 01:21:09.339
Tatum Wilson: well, hopefully, you'll use it. Sometimes it goes to what we're saying, Mike, you guys have so many different things. And it's like, even though we've been with you for a while, we're still, you know, we we have some things that we need to transition, you know, over into that. And so, you guys, to echo what you said earlier have been great. I'm like

01:21:09.340 --> 01:21:31.879
Tatum Wilson: Tatum has shared with you guys multiple times and y'all have listened so I would encourage some of the other leaders and and people that are on here. Yeah, like, one click does want to hear your feedback. You guys are on the front lines a whole lot more. And yeah, you guys can give great, great insight into things that will make things easier for you, and it will help everybody in the long run.

01:21:32.050 --> 01:21:37.380
Michael Alvarez: And and just to let you know Ashley, our checklist feature on the website as free.

01:21:37.580 --> 01:21:47.960
Michael Alvarez: So you can go ahead and and start using it for free. Just sign up. And not only that, we also created a feature where it allows you to copy and paste.

01:21:48.080 --> 01:22:01.880
Michael Alvarez: So as you're trying to transfer checklist from other places, you can literally copy and paste, and it'll actually paste on the checklist for you. So anyways, this has been fantastic. Thank you so much. Taino and Lance.

01:22:02.490 --> 01:22:12.049
Michael Alvarez: Yeah, thank you for your time, and thank you for sharing your energy with everybody else. And and what you know from from you, putting in the hard work

01:22:12.080 --> 01:22:13.690
Michael Alvarez: to making it work

01:22:13.860 --> 01:22:18.550
Michael Alvarez: and being willing to teach others. I think that's phenomenal. So thank you very much.

01:22:18.610 --> 01:22:29.790
Tatum Wilson: Yeah, our pleasure. And thank you so much for evaluating what we're doing that you gave us the platform to share it with other restaurant leaders. This was really exciting and awesome. So we I appreciate it very much.

01:22:30.520 --> 01:22:47.140
Tatum Wilson: We appreciate you as a partner, for sure we're we're grateful. And, Mike, you can pass our information contacts along to anyone. If they want to email and reach out to us, we're we're more than happy to continue to dialogue and share any resources that we have so

01:22:47.720 --> 01:22:53.200
Michael Alvarez: amazing. We'll go ahead and add that to the neat, to the email, to all the attendees. Sound good.

01:22:53.220 --> 01:22:55.619
Tatum Wilson: That sounds good, man, thanks. So much

01:22:55.730 --> 01:23:04.710
Michael Alvarez: fantastic. Have a fantastic day. Hope you have a good rest of the week. Have a great one. Take care, bye, bye.

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