Press Release: OneClickApp Empowers 1 in 10 Chick-fil-A® Locations with a Revolutionary Employee Management App

OneClickApp empowers 1 in 10 Operators and over 35,000 Chick-fil-A® Team Members to run efficient shifts with an all-in-one employee management solution.

OneClickApp Empowers 1 in 10 Chick-fil-A® Locations with a Revolutionary Employee Management Application.

Lindon, UT - October 3, 2023 - OneClickApp, the leading all-in-one teams, shifts, accountability, breaks, checklists & training management solution, has announced that it is now the trusted partner of 1 in 10 Chick-fil-A® locations nationwide. This milestone underscores OneClickApp's commitment to revolutionizing restaurant management and supporting the growth of Chick-fil-A® restaurants across the country. 

Now serving over 35,000 Chick-fil-A® Team Members and Leaders, OneClickApp is contributing to over $2 billion in annual food sales. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the app's impact on enhancing productivity and communication within the Chick-fil-A® ecosystem.

Under the strategic leadership of Michael Alvarez, CEO of OneClickApp, the company has experienced exponential growth, establishing itself as the go-to platform exclusively designed for the popular restaurant chain. Alvarez, reflecting on the achievement, stated, "As we embark on this remarkable journey, I'm reminded of our humble beginnings, where the spark of innovation was ignited by James Finlinson, a former Chick-fil-A® employee, with the help of his father Jan Finlinson. My vision for what OneClickApp could become is now a reality, to revolutionize the way we serve Chick-fil-A® leaders and empower them to achieve new heights of excellence.”

Alvarez continued, “Today, I feel immense gratitude for the trust these valued Chick-fil-A® Operators, Directors, Shift Managers, and corporate’s VendorBridge team members have placed in us. We've come together to create something truly extraordinary, a true partnership and a platform that serves as a catalyst for efficiency. We are just getting started.”

The OneClickApp executive team brings a wealth of professional experience, having scaled their own businesses and worked with tech giants such as eBay, Omniture (now ADOBE), MyFamily,, Alianza, ILLUMRA, RunLessWire, Yellow Pages Directories,, SAP, TecSys, and others. By harnessing this expertise to create an innovative platform, which empowers Chick-fil-A® restaurant operators to streamline their team member management gameplan, OneClickApp is leading the charge to reduce shift management chaos by driving more efficient team management for each partner location, reducing churn while improving accountability.

As OneClickApp continues to empower Chick-fil-A® locations, the company remains steadfast in its mission to unlock new industry standards in efficiency and excellence by delivering insights and transparency to leaders without the chaos of managing multiple sub-par applications. The future holds even greater promise as OneClickApp continues to refine their offering, driving restaurant management value to greater heights, all for the benefit of Chick-fil-A® and its dedicated workforce.

About OneClickApp

OneClickApp is the #1 all-in-one Teams, Shifts, Accountability, Breaks, Checklists & Training Management solution that enables restaurant operators to more effectively organize, communicate, and modernize their Team Member management system. The app provides critical information to leaders, helping them make informed decisions and streamline communication with ease. With a powerful and user-friendly platform, OneClickApp offers a wide range of features designed to enhance restaurant operations.

Trademark Disclaimer: OneClickApp is not affiliated with Chick-fil-A® and does not claim to own or have rights to the trademarked brand Chick-fil-A®. OneClickApp is Chick-fil-A® VendorBridge approved, and our focus is Chick-fil-A®.

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