Major Release: Automatic Schedules, Layout Editor, Checklists & More

Major Release: Create Schedules With a Single Click, New Layout Editor, Rating Improvements, FREE Checklists, Easier Navigation & More

You are not going to believe how many new major features have been released. So many of you have been begging for these for a very long time and they are finally here!

For a deep dive watch this video tutorial.


New Releases Up To Version 2.25 Include...

Easier Navigation:

  • Mobile touch device optimizations include a much-easier-to-use scrolling and drag and drop interface.

New Layout Editor:

  • You no longer need to email support to request layout changes. Now, just click on the "Layouts" button and change the look, height, width, titles, names, and manage all of your layout needs in one simple interface.
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Auto Schedule With A Single Click:

    • You can now automatically create your schedule with a single press of a button. This is a really big deal!
    • This feature is only available for all stores utilizing the Training Tracking Module.

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Rating Improvements:

    • New rating forms.
    • The system now also assumes ratings and colors them gray for positions that are lower in priority to the ones they've already been rated for.
    • This helps to place the right person at the right station at the right time with the right skills.


FREE Checklists For All CFA Stores:

    • BETA public release.
    • Now you can stop paying for third-party services and use our free checklist feature that isn't just free for you, but for any Chick-fil-A® store that wants it.

Checklist 2

Checklist 3

Checklist 4

Checklist 5

Our goal is to make your life as a leader more efficient so that you can concentrate on what you do best, lead and give the best service in the industry.

To read the full release notes, including screenshots, log into your OneClick account and scroll to the bottom right of the screen and click on the Version link to access the document.

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Video transcript for SEO & keyword search purposes:

Hey James. Hey, Mike. You've been busy. Oh my gosh Mike we have been so busy. We have He's have been some incredible releases. And nobody really knows about them  yet like explained, Actually.  I like we did a customer appreciation  tour through Dallas and Houston.  And we just in Dallas, right.  There was so much fun.  It was incredible and they loved it.  They provided incredible feedback.  They gave us.  Great ideas.  Yeah.  You were literally coding inside of  the Chick-fil-A as they're given the  feedback and actually implementing what they're asking you to play,  which is amazing. It was writing code, they're like,  Hey James, you made that change, but  we're not seeing it's like, Oh yeah,  it's because we're still gonna like  test our releases before we give it to everybody else. But but yeah, that was super fun and  great to watch. I super excited about these releases  and one of the first ones that you  can showcase on the iPad.  It really the improvements on the  scrolling and the dragon dropping that, I know that took forever and that was, that was a great release  and it was a very difficult problem  to solve that I would love for you to share and show it. Yeah, Mike you're right.  This has been it was a big release  and we're still getting some  feedback.  But it's one that's been coming for a  long time.  We know that the scroll, the  dragging, like the experience of  dragging shifts across this really important. So we've been working on it. I have the iPad here pulled up and  what's really cool now is that?  Now instead of now it's really easy  to scroll.  So if you want to scroll through the roster and just look through the different people, you can just do that. There's no more dragging a little white space that we had on the corner. You don't have to look for that anymore. You can literally just scroll I went out on the position where you can just scroll to just look at just scroll and get where you want to be.  And what that means is that when you want to drag somebody,  you're gonna drag somebody left and  right.  You're gonna pull somebody left and  right to drag them and you're gonna scroll up and down. So we scroll up and down and then we're going to drag left and right to drop. Drag and drop drag and drop. And so we feel like this is going to  be a really intuitive experience.  If you go up and down, it's going to  drag if you go left and right, it's  going to to drag them. And then the way to remove them from,  from those locations that you have to  just pull them out into the white  Is that correct?  space. Yeah, yeah. So again we'll just start by going  left and right and to drag them and  we can just drop them on any empty  space.  There are some people, it's kind of  funny.  I'll watch some people drag them all  the way back over here to the roster  and that's a cool like that's all it  but you actually can distract them on any empty spot over after the side and I'll be right. Excellent. That's the work. I know it took a lot of time, but it  acts beautifully and I know a lot of customers are happy with that. The next one was a major release of the layout editor. And this allows this allows any  leaders to actually change their layouts on their own. They no longer have to submit a ticket. To have our support staff actually,  create create these for them or  anything, ever at positions or anything like that. That's correct. Yeah, I do want to point out here that that technically speaking, the layout editor is still in beta and so  we're working on it and we still  improving it.  But it is at a place where it's where  it's efficient to use, make your own  adjustments, add in your own dispatch position, your own mobile, cash  position, whatever, and make their your own adjustments. Things. That's great. We can we jump back into your computer and share your screen in that way. We can. Yeah. Yeah, you want me to show the layout  in here?  Yes, absolutely.  It's cool.  I love the layout editor. It's cool. I love Now we've actually been using like,  right now, when you send us an email,  we end up using these tools I'm to  make the changes.  So now we're making these at tools available to you. We're going to access the Layout  editor by clicking this Black Layout  Editor button at the top of the  roster.  Now, it's important to note that this  is only available for managers and  directors in the store, so it's  permission base.  We know that there are permissions in  one, click and only the managers and  directors have access to this button.  And of course, we can customize that.  So, if you want your store to work  differently than everybody else, we  change the rules for you.  change the customer the We're gonna click on the layout  editor. I'm just gonna bring us into a special mode.  It's gonna take off all the shifts and it's going to give us several tools. And from here, it's gonna be pretty  simple to just say, You know what, I  think I want the fourth register.  We're getting busy.  So I can to go over here and I can  tap on register three. And on the right, there are several properties. Lots of things that we can adjust,  and customize little tool tips to  explain what? They're if you want to go ahead and read through those And but the button I'm looking for  here, is this duplicate button.  So I'm just going to hit duplicate and it's gonna be duplicate it and  change it to four.  So now I have a fourth register position. That's creating one of the things  that I noticed was the invisible box. And I know that's the invisible walks  is actually used so that you can  actually design your layout and make  it look the way that you want to use  it. Would you mind doing that real quick? Yeah.  So let me just demonstrate on some of  these playing around and testing some  things in this in this development  store that's why we have 30 What is  this?  A lot of IPOs boxes but what you can  do is you can turn some of these invisible And when they turn invisible, they're going to go away. And you can use that.  So that like on your screen you might  like make a shape.  And so you know what, we want, all of  our IQs is here and then we just want  some empty space and we want these  ones off to the right and you make  you might turn these ones invisible. And our layout editor, we're going to  see the little out the dotted outlines. But what I'll do is I'll go ahead and save this. So, I'm gonna go ahead and save the layout. And it'll give me a little  confirmation message and and then  it's going to go and upgrade all my  old layouts to this new version. So I'm gonna go ahead and do this, we  can see what it looks like.  So I'm gonna click enter, and if  there if it's gonna lose some  information, in the change of a warning about that. Now we can see it saved and so we've  got these empty spaces.  So if I want to use empty space on my  layout, the invisible box is a great way to do that. And let's say, for example, ipos 8, if I want to make that Taller. Color. Oh yeah. I love making things. Tall Nike read my mind. Let's go back into our layout editor. So it picks that you. Yeah.  And so I'm gonna take this when you said taller, right? Yep. Okay, so there's this box over here  called Height. And right now it's the two one, and  I'm just gonna make it two And we'll notice that it's  automatically taller, it pushes the  other things off to the side and I'm  gonna go ahead and save this again  and click. Ok, and boom. Now it's taller. Excellent. How do you change the titles and you're using emojis?  Which I think is awesome, and it  helps team members to figure out. Okay, that's I'll have to do is look at the Emoji and I know exactly what's going on. What are you Yes, if you want to edit the title, And there's a feel that. here called, but I can go in here and I can type Maybe I want to call it outside order taker, and Outside and OT and if I want to add  an emoji, on my laptop, I have a  little emoji keyboard that I can pop  up. And I'll do that. And let's choose a A sun Emoji will go with a son Emoji. Because it's hot outside. and something, just go ahead and add  a sun emoji or like, on a register, if you want to  go ahead and add a Money emoji.  And we can put a money emoji on there  or if we want to shift leader, we can add a crown emoji. If you like if you like that kind of  thing, you can have a lot of fun with  the emojis and layouts. It's your fingertips right there. And where it says, like the titles  were just outside team for encounter.  Team can change those. Yeah, I can dog again. I'm just gonna click on it. So this is called a section is what it's called. I'm gonna click on the section and  then there's another field to change  the title.  Maybe I don't want to call it front  counter team, maybe we want to  abbreviate it and say FC team. Or maybe I want to call it on the dining room or the best experience team. Excellent. And in case you're wondering like you  can also move this.  So if you say you don't want to  actually I want to just move these  this section below the other ones,  it's gonna click this button and to  move it down, and we can reorder  which position these comments.  And now, my guest experience team is all the way down at the bottom. Excellent. That's excellent to hear.  I know that this has saved our support team, a ton of time.  And also operators managers team members a lot of time because Now, they can do it all over the  email customer support, actually, get  those done, so that's fantastic. So The neck.  What?  I have one more thing.  Yes. I'm just gonna say what people really  love about these new layout editing  tools.  Is that it lets you play with your  setups.  And so right here we can go and we  can play around and the shift leaders  will like add positions and maybe  they'll never clip the save button,  so they'll just kind of play around  and see Hey, what can I do?  How else might I run my store?  What what if I have a pusher  position?  What if I don't have a question, Right.  And they can totally play around with  it and so it's a great way to kind of  experiment.  Hey do I want to try this for a week?  Do I want to try it for a day?  week? Do I wanna try it for a Maybe you end up keeping it, right?  And it's just your option to change as often as you want. And you never know what the right formula is or what works with the team continue to start playing around with it. And, and now that they can do it on the fly, That's pretty incredible. Certainly yeah. I love it. The next one is auto schedule. Which is gets me super excited. because, this is, The epitome of one click is. And where it won't click is actually going. And with the single click, you can  now do magical stuff. And in the future, even get better.  better. But go ahead and go ahead and show us that. So the auto schedule, if you're using  the training module and if you have  training data in your system, it  doesn't take a lot of training data  just a little bit and what we can do  is we can actually auto schedule and  let the algorithm take care of like  the bulk of the scheduling for you.  So we know that dragging and dropping  is pretty easy, right?  And we're improving that and making  it as good as we can. it as good as we But if you just want to say, you know  what, I forgot to do it ahead of time  or I just don't have the brain power  to think this through, what is the  algorithm say?  We have the option to do that.  So down all the way down at the  bottom of the roster down on the  right.  There's this new button called Auto Schedule available with the training  module and then once it's clicked  once it's with the training module,  and once it's set up, when you click  it in just one, it's gonna do most of  the work for us.  One, two, three, I missed it. I didn't actually click the button. So when I click the Auto Schedule  button, it's going to take all the  employees on the shift and it's going  to look at what are they good at? And it's gonna look at all the positions and it's gonna say which  positions do I actually need and with positions are hard and which ones can be done by lots of people and it's going to match up the people to the  positions based on what they're  qualified to do. Yeah. This is incredible.  This is like I said, The epitome of  one click is what the dream is always  been that what the single click, you  can actually have everybody in the positions that Where they where the logic is  actually giving you really, really  good suggestions, you really have to  look over it and just do final  touches final edits. It's really important to know. Just like you said that you actually do need the training module in order for this to work, We need that logic.  In order to pull from the training,  say who has the best ratings in front  of house, cashier or sauce, runner things like that. And so that the system can actually make those informed decisions. What kind of logic besides rating each? Team member in places. What other kind of logic is included in this. Um so in this in this early version  it's it's only looking at the ratings  and so it's gonna people in the  positions just based on the training  data and development has already  started.  It's underway on looking at a lot  more.  I'm specifically where has the  employee been in the past?  So earlier today, were they on front  counter and if they were then let's  not put them on front counter again. And yesterday where they outside and where they outside the day before. Well, if they've been outside all week, then let's give them an insight position. And or maybe they just recently  started learning how to I'm how to do drinks, right? And so, we're going to notice that  they're gonna that they're good at  rating At that.  They recently started learning drinks. And we're gonna suggest.  Hey, let's put them in register.  Not during the busy time. They're doing this little time. And add an extra logic of What are  they learning?  Where have they been in the past, in  the future?  Maybe the employee says, Hey, I would like to practice this position or the trainers can say, Hey, We want to  designate this person to be  practicing in this position and will  be accounting for all of that as it's  and filling in the logic. I guess there's one more thing. Mike, the other thing is it it will take into consideration which  positions need to be filled and how  important it is that each position is  filled. And so, the operators, run that work with us and  we get a set up for them and say,  Hey, these are my positions if I have  enough employees to get all of these  positions, then, Then, at least any of these core  ones. And then it will automatically like, based on however, many employees are on the shift, it will take that into consideration and fill in the positions that you need. okay, I wish that I could describe to  every Chick-fil-A leader team member  operator, how monumental this is how  the logic that has The logic of the algorithms that you've just launched. Is a culmination and accommodation of years. Not only of years of you working  inside a Chick-fil-A but also of  years of logic and bills.  Customers emails, operators managers,  team members given us feedback and  tell us what works, what all of that  knowledge was actually built into  this algorithm and it's gonna get  better over time, better than a single click. That was phenomenal. So training is required for anybody who wants to use that. Now, that leads us to the next one.  Major release as well, which is  improvement on the ratings and would love to see that. So improvement on the ratings. Let me show you this. We we did two major things. We made their rating accessible on now, right, from the right here, so  they don't have to go into an  employee profile and dig through the  menus anymore.  Now we can do is we can on a  computer, I can write click on an  iPad, you can press and hold and it's  gonna bring up this new employee  profile or this improved employee  preview modal because now accessible.  Anybody can access this and and what  it includes are they training scores? As a previously, this information  wasn't here but now it's right at  your fingertips.  All you have to do is right.  Click Press, and Hold, and you're  gonna be able to see this employee  pro this employee preview. And then of course, based on the  permissions, if you're a trainer or  if you have permissions to ratings,  then you'll be able to do that as well. And we'll do the click shakes and we'll be able to write a reading for  Riker on shakes. Right here, we can go through and give her. She did really well today. And give her four stars. And click Submit and that's going to update immediately, right? So it's gonna update immediately, it's not going to show shakes and all the things. And that's that's one super way.  Easy way to just do ratings wherever  you want Alison.  You want to rate Alice and Asher.  You want to write Allison Fine.  You can you can do that.  And there's actually a special mode Mike. too. Where sometimes, you look at the  screen and there's like a lot of  information here and you just kind of  want this system to say, Hey, just  just do this one, like if you want a  little prompt or should I get  started? Like where should I even start with their ratings? Well, that's what this one is.  These are called rating prompts and  they're available at the top of the  screen and when you open it up this  system will go through and analyzes  the employees on the shift and  analyzes the data that it already has. And then based on that says, Hey I  have some data but I don't have this  data.  So why don't you tell me how good Ethan is on Mobile Bagger? Or I have some data, But Katie was  frustrated.  Three years ago.  That's a really long time ago.  Why don't you give me some new data  and say Is she still really good,  right?  And she gotten better.  And in this case, I might say, Yeah,  actually she happened better.  It's been five years or three years. we're gonna go and give her five now  because she actually the rock star  and she and she's either Rockstar and we trust, Her to work. That rushes. Let's go ahead and submit that right there. And so, this is a major new way to do  ratings.  This is going to be the easiest way  to write writings anywhere.  Nothing.  Nothing is gonna be simpler than this. It just can't it can't just going down the list,  which is just Right there. which leads me to, I mean, I I wish people would understand how  critical it is that you're actually  use the training module, how  important it is to be able to make good. Why is decisions as to?  Who you're gonna put where?  And now you have the single one,  click option for the system to actually help you with that. And say, the time, you can save your  leaders, you know, a few hours a week  from having to manage schedules, and they can actually spend that time and giving better customer service getting more people through the drive through doing everything. Other than trying to miss with  Transnet but then that's a huge win, right? Yeah. Or might get it here. I'm is that, this is like, if I'm  just trying to imagine myself in  February training manager, how hard would it be for me to teach somebody else? How to do this, right? Click the rating prompts. Click the rating, do the rating and  with some of our stores, they're  experiencing intern over in their  trainers, their experiencing internal  or over their employees and  their employees and And that positions, one click in a  pretty good place to be like Hey if  people are changing leaves are  changing.  But at least we have something that's  that's holding constant and it's so  simple and so easy.  Like I just have to give it to them  and most people will be able to figure This out before we move on, could you  go to the training interface? And I want to if we can show them  what the great out stars are Yeah.  And what and why they're important. Why they're important.  So, yeah.  So here on the training and this is  called the training dashboard and not  everybody has access to view this.  This is really, this is reserved for  trainers or leaders.  You can adjust to exactly has access  to this. And, but what I want to point out  here is that there's some, there's a  mechanism built into one.  Click that makes ratings count for  more than it takes a little bit of  data, and it makes it count for more.  And so, when it's set up and when we,  when it's organized properly, we'll  see here.  That when we write it, when we rated  Riker on shakes, we gave him a  reading on shakes and we said that  he's a four.  And one thing is going to assume that  she's good at the other positions as  well.  And what that does is that saves us,  me human, right?  From having to go into every single one of these little boxes, and giving  Riker a rating on every single position. And that is so valuable, right?  If we're talking systems, if we're talking How do I just get up and going as  fast as I can?  Or What's the, what's the smallest  thing I can do to make a difference?  Well, this mechanism of assuming  ratings has been designed in a  leverages and I mean, leverages the way that the training works, so that with just one I can say he's  learned shakes and also he learned  window too and we assume you know  window and if he knows how to do  shakes then he also knows how to do  like us and in fact in this case,  another trainer gave him a rating on IPOs But they didn't give him a reading on Unfriend counter.  And that's okay, they're just saving  time, right?  That's time.  They probably spent smiling against  and refreshing their beverages right now and come back, another time. That's excellent. Just so as long as everybody is  aware, that the great out ones are  assumptions but their great assumptions based on  their performance in other areas, So they can make more informed  decisions to be able to put these people in the right places. I think that's fantastic. And again assumption, if you go ahead  and if you want to spend the time, And provide it with something else.  You can do that. It's just an assumption and when you  tell us something, it goes with that instead. That's incredible. That's incredible. The next one. Another major release. You've been busy. Haven't.  Oh, busy. In this absolutely free for any Chick-fil-A store that wants it. They don't have to be. Free for life. So this is the checklist feature, something that You've been working on for a long  time and at the beginning, we  thought, Oh, checklist feature.  Oh, we could have that done in a  week, right?  But then it's looking into it and  getting the feedback and in beta and  all that stuff, there is so much to them. So much code has got into this and  there's so much in future plans for  this.  That is just gonna make this  incredible and so many operators. Managers leads have actually gifts  incredible feedback as to other lists  that they use that.  They pay fifty dollars a month for they're gonna get for free, they're  well over their business them in  their store.  They were given us the feedback,  you're a coding and you're making it  better than what they were paying  fifty dollars on for. Okay. and now they're gonna get this for  free for any Chick-fil-A in the  entire country, and I would love To see what you what you've launched. Let's take a look at it. Alright, let's take a look at it. So what we're looking at here is we're looking at viewing our checklists with our position. So if you ever want to be like, Hey I  love one click.  One click is in my employees, please  all day right there for their  positions.  Can't just get their checklist right  there too.  Well, the answer is yes.  So, right here again, right at the  top and at the top of the position  board, there's this button called open lists. And it's gonna open up the list and  look, it's gonna be right on the side. And what's really cool is, we can see  all of our upcoming lists. So we've got to close our bagging station, we close our dining room, close our ice cream, these are  examples and we can open them up and  we can actually assign employees to these to these checklists, like, in  advance.  So, maybe let's, let's look at our five o'clock. And let's say, close our bagging  stage.  I did not do my setup ahead of time  guys.  I did not do my homework but that's okay. That's what I've got auto schedule for there you go. Yep. So what I can do is, if I want to  say, Hey let's just grab and Logan  and Logan's gonna be in charge of  closing the bagging station tonight. Oh wait, no. We could do that but Logan's actually  off at 9 so we're not gonna do that. Victoria is off at 10:30. So we're gonna grab Victoria in Victoria, we'll be in charge of closing the bagging station. What, what is that?  What is that the yellow number one mean? So that, that yellow one means that  Victoria is assigned to a checklist,  so that's gonna that's yellow. It means that she has checklist assignments, that she hasn't finished  and this will be really helpful for  when it comes around at 10:30, right?  It's now closing time, you're looking  over your position board and we're gonna be able to see, hey, let's let's put no money on on dining  room.  We'll be able to put no money on  dining room.  Say she finishes all her checklists.  So she does this.  She finished all of them versus gonna  turn green when she's all done. Greenlight nalani. It's a ten o'clock. You're ready to go. Great, you get out of here, you  finish your closing checklist.  You're done, you're good to go.  But we'll look at Victoria, We'll  say, Hey, Victoria.  I know you want to go, but looks like  you saw some things to finish.  So, let's just look at our checklist  right here and let's just cross off  the last ones and make sure it's all  done and and then you're good to go. the last ones and make sure it's all  done and, and then you're good to And, And who has the ability ability to review these checklists. Review, so, the checklist of  permissions built in again, right? That's Something you cannot do with a spread. You cannot do that with a whiteboard.  But with one, click, you can. And so paper, you could probably have  been a paper with a lot of eraser, right? Well, but I guess dependent paper equivalent. You have somebody like sign their names, so I guess that's kind of  permission.  But anybody go up to the work to the  paper and just cross things on. Right. But with one click, and we can set  up, it's really customizable, but by  default, and employees.  The service account iPad will be able  to handle the the checklist.  So, if you have, if your service  account, iPad, that's common in the  store, your employees are going to be able to use that and mark off their checklists. And be assigned to it. We had some people they're like, Hey  we want our shift leaders to be able  to assign the checklist and do  everything and we want our team  leaders to be able to assign the  checklist but not to be able to  assign the shifts or they can run the Like, do the checklist, but not do  the brakes, right?  And so, if you want to, we can be  really fine-grained and, and like  draw lines of permissions between the  different roles in your store. And by default, it's going to require  a team leader or shift leader to come  through here and click the review  button and say, Yep, we did go over  this.  They actually did do it and we're  gonna market as reviewed and put it down into the bottom. That's excellent. And when they when they log in for  the first time, they also get some  checklist templates to start off with  right?  Give them ideas, that's another  thing.  So, this layout editor, right?  We're just barely releasing right  now.  But what's special about the  checklist is that this first version  like Beta checklist and it's coming  with their own checklist manager as  well.  And so, let's go in and let's look at  that. When we have access to this checklist  manager, right here, again, it's it's  available only to managers and  directors, but they're going to be  able to look through here and manage  lots of different checklists.  If you want to value station to  versions of the dining Room Checklist  on several deep cleaning checklists  and ice Cream checklist, and then  several others that are inactive.  And the checklist manager is able to  manage and store all of that  including these templates.  So we provide several starters and  these are just ideas and you can  start with any of these and then  totally change it or change just a  couple things or change everything  and you have the ability to change  all of that without we're not even  going to try to manage that for you.  You are gonna, you have the power to  adjust all of these settings all on your own. I hope that everybody listening  understands. How much time and effort and feedback  that every single line of code that  has been written is 100% customized  specific to run the best Chick-fil-A store out there. With all the feedback we operators and managers and leaders.  They love us and team members and  they're sending a screenshots all the  time and and videos and they're saying, Hey, Our store could run better.  If you did this, your checkers sometimes better we will use your checklist if you do exactly this.  And, and you did it.  And there's so much that went into  this.  And every single one of these  releases is huge.  It's major, it's game-changing.  And This has been incredible and it not  only that, it's been incredible to  see the operators that we talk to in  Texas and actually see their eyes light up. When you were showing them and you  put them on beta for these for these features. They were just ecstatic, loved it  been using it, we see them using it,  they're using it every day and it's  just awesome to see. Yeah. Mike can I share an example of one of  those features that was shared with  to us by by an operator. Absolutely. so this operator's name is Chan and  he was like, Hey I love these  checklists, I love that I can get  them right next to my position boards but What about those checklists that I  need to do?  Like only sometimes. Tell me some more about that.  And so we went through the whole  process and he's like, but for example, I only like close my eyes,  dream only Wednesday and Saturday and  maybe for some store.  That's heresy.  Maybe you close here at my store every day. You only do it twice a week.  And so this, these repeat rules came  because of the suggestion from Chan. And so, we have the ability to do a  checklist every day or say, you know,  what, we're gonna do it every week  but only on Wednesday and Saturday or  maybe Monday, Wednesday and Saturday,  or maybe every day, except for  Friday, right?  Whatever you want. If you can do that. And and maybe that's not good enough for you, maybe. I don't actually don't do this checklist every week, maybe, I have  some deep cleaning checklists that I only do once a month.  Or maybe I want to put my inventory  list, my inventory, you know, checklist in one quickly, you can do  that. We can switch to these repeating and  do it every month, or every two  months, or every three months, right?  And say, Hey, we're gonna do it twice a month, only on the first week of the month. And or maybe we're only going to do  it on the first work day of the month  or the last work day. By checking this box. Yeah. And this was all the Chan. Yeah.  Isn't that amazing when we first  started down this road, we were just  thinking, Oh, a checklist, right? checklist. But there's so much more to it and  then when even though the checklist  is for free, and anybody can use it  for free, once you start using it with training. With the layouts. and seeing how the entire ecosystem  works together with your brakes and,  and people going on breaks and and oh, Something that was really eye-opening and really incredible that we saw. We experienced firsthand in Houston. Is the in Houston when we were there  is really hot outside. And they're rotating buddies, Teacher. Was a lifeline they loved it, right?  And there's one store that we went to  where everybody actually kept the  vests on.  What do you call those?  They have the right reflective.  That's Everybody kept them on who was on the  inside and on the outside so they  could swap because it was so hot  outside there, probably swapping  every 10 minutes and the rotating  buddies feature was incredible and  they just use that to the max. It is so much fun to see just, How? This helps so many stores progress  and helping communicate with your  team members with their leaders. There's greater communication. There's better reporting. There's less chaos and they can concentrate. They do best, just the best customer service, and the restaurant industry, right? That's right. What do you think? How do you feel? going from, Having this starting it kind of your  first customer for three years and  you put your heart soul into and this  is your baby and your babies. Now become a teenager It's a teenager.  How does it feel to you?  And then it's going to become built  really, really soon. really, really soon. but, How does it feel like, what, from,  from the feedback that you get from  other operators and team members when  they, when they tell you how how much  it's helped them? What thoughts? Go through your mind? Like, I love it and I have a lot of  fun, and I love that I can make a  difference, but I honestly get a lot  of fit to the good Lord up in heaven,  who's giving me and, like, in many  instances, open my mind and giving me  inspiration to help me, like solve  certain problems.  And then, to be able to visit the  people that uses it and to recognize. Wow. You're using something that I created  to do something, even awesomer.  That's like, cool. And when people are like, Hey, I  gotta go, I gotta go handle the restaurant. Like you go like you get out of  there, that lunch rash working with actual people on the ground. And very, very important, very noble,  right? I'm glad that I can do a portion of that to help handle the, the boring  parts that just the technical parts,  so that then people get to go focus  on the people and the guests and All the things that actually make  working in Chick-fil-A so fun and  exciting for me, I loved working at  Chick-fil-A, right?  And I did that every day and every  day was, Hey, am I doing better?  Can I get my student service report?  How fast were that in orders today,  and just with the guests and then  some of the sometimes it gets  recognized.  Like, I know you, I know you.  I took you order like last week or  something or like yesterday But I I was talking to your dad earlier today and I was saying how you are a product of Chick-fil-A. And that was very apparent when we  when we heard the CEO of Chick-fil-A talk. What? Chick-fil-A, instilled in you as a  person, what they taught you to actually become better than yourself and be  selfless and think of others.  And that you've actually taken that  to the extreme to where your goal is  actually to help all the chick-fil-a's. In the nation and anywhere else, they  go around the world, it actually make them better. You are a product of Chick-fil-A, which is absolutely incredible. And not only, is it a liberal health?  But it also helps them helps them to save money lower all this chaos that, that this can help them, you know, get rid of Thank you for sharing your feelings  that. I think that You know, that's super important and it's in, And It's okay to be vulnerable and tell  people exactly how we feel about this  because we are super passionate about  it. Thanks to, it's been incredible.  Is there anything else you want to add? I think that's gonna have to do it for today. We obviously, there are plenty of  other things but those are the major  releases that have come out pretty  recently.  And you can really, you can read the  rest of the release notes if you want  more details and by clicking on this  button down at the bottom of the roster. And down at the very bottom, there's  this version number, you can click on  this one.  It's gonna open up the New tab that  brings you to the release notes.  So if you want to reread review, what  we talked about And maybe send us an email and ask  for a video chat or whatever.  And more clarification, we'd love to do that for you.  That the rest of the release notes are all available in this document for you. Great. Thank you, James. Your rockstar. Wait for Monday. 

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