Chick-fil-A® Directors Love "keeping a paper trail for every shift is just too much"

"My operator reached out to your team recently asking about this software. We are in dire need of changing our setup, training, and communication systems for each shift."



This is a common request that we get from Chick-fil-A® Directors and Shift Managers from around the country, which I think is important to share.


"My operator reached out to your team recently asking about this software. We are in dire need of changing our setup, training, and communication systems for each shift. We are highly interested in trying this out for our team. We've made so many changes updating our systems during COVID and keeping a paper trail for every shift is just too much to keep up with -- we're ready to get into the digital age with this part of our restaurant functionality. - I'm excited to learn more!" Carolina Witcher - Executive Director - Abilene, TX #01864


Does this shock you or are you nodding your head? Maybe you are shaking your head in frustration seeing the pile of papers, pens and possibly a very large white board that you keep bumping into during the lunch rush hour...that causes chaos and confusion with your employees. Not only that, it is also a cause for frustration for your shift leaders who spend hours trying to manage who should go where.


There is a better way!


Imagine this:

  • Drag and drop employees in the positions you want them to be in, the day before they are scheduled to work

  • Employees know ahead of time where they will be that day and how they need to prepare or dress accordingly

  • Have your Mangers rate each employee by position and what they've been trained on

  • All Managers are able to see the ratings and comments other Managers have made for each employee for each position

  • Always assign the best-rated employees, by specific positions, to those positions

  • Know which employee stills needs training by position and place them there when you know someone is available to train them

  • If turnover is a problem then don't let your good employees slip through the cracks. Now you have a system that tells you who is the best and why. You then have real data to know who deserves a raise

  • Provide employees with an incentive program where Managers and employees both have the ability to reward anyone they see going the extra mile in service

  • Having a break management system that lets your employees know when they are off and at what time they need to come back

  • Your employees are happier because they are organized and know what is expected and where they need to be

  • Your customers are happier because they get the best service from your top rated employees all the time

  • Your revenues increase because you have OneClickApp to help keep you organized


Here at we love everything about Chick-fil-A® and building software for such an incredible organization is our passion. We aren't too interested in conquering the world, like most software companies are, because we know that if we do that we will lose focus and we won't be able to provide CFA with the absolute best product and service that is required to help you grow.


This is how we are different from other software companies:

  1. Our core focus is on creating the best software for Chick-fil-A® franchise owners

  2. Our desire is to become your trusted software for the management of your team and trainings

  3. We are committed to our customers and treat you like partners. We do this by having two Zoom calls per year where you get to tell us what is working and what new features you want us to develop

The time to make a change is now:


I know you are overwhelmed with all that you have to do every day. I know that you think that it may take too much time for you to get the software going and train your employees. But, there is no need to worry. Continue reading...


You don't need to worry. This is what we'll do for you:

  1. Provide you with a free 2-week trial, with a custom onboarding tailored to fit your needs. And, no credit card is required

  2. Train you and your staff through Zoom

  3. We will record the training and email it to you so that you can use it over and over again to train new employees.


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