Video: New Product Updates Including Infractions, Pathway 2.0, Checklists, and more.

Learn about OneClickApp's latest feature updates, including Accountability, Pathway 2.0, Auto-Scheduling, Custom Shifts, Layout Revision History, and more.


Webinar Replay - Announcing product updates, including: 

  • Accountability Infractions
  • Checklists
  • Pathway 2.0 integration
  • Auto-scheduling
  • Custom shifts
  • Layout revision history and more!

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(···1.7s) so we're gonna start off, um, with some product updates. First of all, uh, we'll just launch in and then we're gonna introduce our special guests a little bit later. (···2.4s) So (···1.2s) here in the presentation, um, we wanna first congratulate Chick-fil-A in what Every, what all you guys are doing, you're dominating in the industry (···1.0s) currently.  

Chick-fil-A is selling more chicken than the next five leading competitors combined. So you guys are killing it and doing a fantastic job, and we're privileged to be a part of this and to support you in the ways that we can. We also want to mention that we are super proud of our founder, (···0.5s) James.  

Um, he started this when he was 16 years old, working in the Amman, Idaho store, (···0.8s) and (···0.6s) he's now 23, and he was recognized just last week, um, by the Utah Business Magazine for being one of the 20 movers and shakers in their twenties, uh, for being able to put this together and the, the growth that we're experiencing. We're super proud of him, and we're gonna turn the time over to James, uh, to kind of show what we've been up to, uh, for the last year.  

(···0.3s) Um, so this is an overview of the accomplishments that we've done this year, different features we've released, um, you can see 'em placed on a timeline. We are gonna go a little bit, um, we are gonna go into more detail about all of these. Um, in quarter one, we released custom shifts, mobile apps, and, uh, re layout, revision history, as well as accountability features. (···0.7s) In quarter two, we released advanced checklist input. (···0.5s) In quarter three, we released the passports with the Pathways 2.0 integration, and I got married.  

Um, and then coming up in quarter four, we're coming out with two new releases, messaging, and a new enhanced user experience. Um, and so we're excited to show you, to review what we've done and then, um, look at what's coming next, (···0.6s) and we'll start with the custom shifts. Um, so before custom shifts, um, you would have to make adjustments in hot schedules before you could see anything in one click. And so with the custom shifts feature, you're able to add new people to the schedule, um, who maybe are coming in to pick up a shift, or maybe they're staying longer or leaving earlier, and you can make all those adjustments and edits inside one click without having to go back in the back office to hot schedules, where, um, it's, that's a lot less convenient, especially for the leaders on the fly.  

So that's been really helpful. And we'll jump now into the, uh, mobile apps. Our, our, our system is now available on the App store and Google Play, and so people can search for one click app and download it and install it and have it on their phones, which is a great convenience for, um, for the leaders and team members who like to use this every day.  

(···1.0s) Um, layout revision history was a special request from, um, Chick-fil-A Cedar Hills in Texas. Um, shout out to them. Um, it helps emphasize the accountability of who's making the adjustments to the layouts. And so at timestamps on who, like when the leaders are moving people from different positions, um, it allows you to see if things change.  

It also allows the leaders to be held accountable. So you can say like, dude, did you do this two days early? Did you do it last minute? Um, or did somebody go back and change it after you did it? And you have those logs to see what was going on and what was happening. (···7.1s) We also released advanced checklist input types. Um, so now when you make these checklists for team members to complete, you can have them take pictures of the clean finish.  

You can have them support numbers. Um, for example, if you want them to collect the number of salads in the fridge or the temperature of the coolers, um, you can have them type short answers or long answers, have them sign a signature submitting, um, um, signifying that they completed it, um, or dropdown answers or lots of different things. And, um, it doesn't mention here, but these advanced checklist input types (···0.7s) are also made available, made available in the passports.  

So as you're designing the passport, um, the training program for your passports, which will are coming up next, they also support all of these advanced options for whatever kinds of creative things you might wanna be collecting in the process. (···2.7s) We also released an accountability point system, um, customized infractions and consequences, um, so that your leaders can, um, share in the system and pool their knowledge of who, um, is coming in late or calling out or not wearing their uniform properly.  

Um, and it keeps the history for at least two years. Um, and then also sends the emails, (···0.5s) the, the individual, an email letting them know that they were recorded and report and written up. Um, and this really provides a basis for a conversation between the team member and a leader. So the leader has full information from (···0.8s) all of the different shift leaders. There may be multiple, um, so that the, the director has all the information when they're having the conversation, and they have the logs and the history to see, um, really the extent or the lack of extent or whatever it may be, um, as they're evaluating individuals on a case by case basis.  

(···4.8s) Um, the passports, uh, were a really fun addition. They look like the checklist, except that they're based around people.  

And so they, they feature that people's, um, training progression in the store from their first day when they're hired all the way up to be a shift leader or, or a trainer or a shift leader. Um, later on, um, it's integrated with Pathways 2.0. So those links down there take you right into Pathways to watch the training videos. Um, it include, you can track the progress, you see the timestamps of when they complete it, (···0.5s) and it also features integration with the training programs. So we can see the ratings they have in the different positions (···0.6s) and change those as they progress or, uh, yeah, as they progress and get better.  

We have all of that in this, um, nice passport system. (···2.0s) Super helpful. (···4.0s) Now, um, before I go onto this next one, let's actually go back and we have a poll we're gonna send out. Um, so if we can trigger that poll. Um, it basically asks you which, uh, of these features you, which of these features you like and which of these features you're gonna use.  

So why don't you send those out? Um, I'm also gonna put out a question to consider, which is, um, are you interested in using any of these features, um, or how have you already seen these features we've released Make a difference in your store? And while you, while I let you think about that question, I'll share a story. Um, so we heard, and this, I'm obviously a secondhand account, um, I'd rather hear it from you right after this. Um, but we heard from one of our customers that when we released the accountability system, they started, um, putting in infractions every time somebody came late to the shift.  

(···0.5s) And that was a frequent occurrence for them. There were lots of people coming in late, and so they just put in the infraction and I don't, um, they didn't go into a lot of detail about how they did this. Um, but then one click was sending the employees these emails, and so the employees were getting an email saying, dude, you were late and look out, you were late and we like know that you were late. (···1.1s) And so in the first week or two after they started putting in these infractions in one click, they had given out so many infraction points, there were like a lot.  

(···1.7s) And, um, there were, there were so many. And so they actually came back and said, Hey, can you like help us clear out all the infractions? Like we did this to our employees, but they've changed and their behavior changed so dramatically, we need to just reset the board and clean it out. Um, because now they've learned and they saw what we were doing, and now they're actually just coming in on time.  

And so we did, we reset the points and that, um, mechanic of like telling and giving the leader, the employees, the feedback really (···0.7s) helped inspire and motivate them to change their behavior. And now they don't have that problem in their restaurant anymore. (···0.5s)  

(···1.5s) All right.  

So we are super excited to (···0.7s) announce that we've got, uh, our developed team working really hard on our redesign. Here's some previews of what that's gonna look like, the underlying functionality.  

We've always had a, a (···0.8s) very reliable, robust app with the clean it works well, um, super functional, but we've had feedback that it didn't look as nice as it could. And so we're (···0.6s) upping our game and we've got this new design that's being implemented. Uh, you can see both the, on the right side, this is what it'll look like in mobile view. And on the left side is the desktop view. (···0.9s) Teams working really hard on that, making great progress.  

We're super excited. (···0.9s) And then also we're gonna, we're working hard on a messaging feature over the past couple of years as we've had these webinars where we've been talking (···0.5s) to our customers, we've heard over and over that (···0.7s) communicating with your team, direct messaging and whatever. There's a number of different solutions (···1.3s) and it seemed like there was room for improvement. So we are working (···0.6s) on this (···0.9s) and, uh, there's a few different functionality that I'd like to describe, um, that is capable.  

We've already got some beta (···1.3s) working that we're a beta system that's kind of in play that we're testing internally and we're getting close to where we're gonna invite others to try it out. But I'd like to get some input, uh, from you guys as well. We're gonna talk a little bit about the functionality that we're potentially offering here. (···0.9s) You're able to subscribe leaders to or, or create channels (···0.8s) that are tied to specific leadership levels. So like Shift Leader for example, as soon as someone gets promoted to be a shift leader, they're automatically subscribed to the Shift Leader channel (···0.7s) and they can communicate with each other.  

You can choose which (···1.0s) different, um, leadership levels are, are subscribed to the different channels. And then as they move through, they're unsubscribed. They can leave or join the channels based on their leadership role. When they leave the restaurant, they automatically don't have access. So it manages the subscription de subscription (···0.7s) automatically. You don't have to worry about doing that in a third party system.  

(···1.2s) That's one of the capabilities. Um, also an ability to create like a, a direct message group with multiple people. You can rename it, uh, after a project, for example, like if you're just a, a group of three or four leaders, team members or working on a specific project, they can create a group within the chat, uh, the messaging portion of One Click app and call it (···0.7s) update the menu board, whatever it's going to be. (···0.7s) And then they can communicate about that.  

Um, additionally, we've heard some requests that it would be really nice to be able to send out a message and know whether anybody got it or not. (···0.6s) So, um, we're (···0.7s) gonna think about the name for this, but right now we're talking about a super pager message that basically would take over the one-click app front and center. And it requires everyone to interact with that and acknowledge that they've received the message. It might be a notification of the meeting, the monthly meeting, or a (···0.6s) sale that's going on.  

Just anything that's really important. You can choose to (···0.5s) have that message be (···0.7s) a mandatory message that kind of, that make it interrupts their use of one Click app until they've acknowledged that. And then potentially even a report of which team members saw the message and which ones didn't see the message. Um, maybe they don't have the app downloaded and they didn't see it, but you can get a report of all your team members (···0.5s) who has interacted with this and who hasn't. (···0.8s) Additionally, we're aware that, um, one of the (···0.8s) pain points of some of the messaging systems that are being used out there is that there can be a lot of different channels and you gotta catch up on each channel by goat drilling down into each one to see which messages you haven't read.  

(···0.7s) And we're considering a home view (···0.5s) that would show (···0.6s) all the messages, all the unrest messages across all your subscribed channels just in one view. So you don't have to go in and out of a bunch of different ones, but you can just kind of scan down through, (···1.0s) see all the activity that happened since you last read it, and get an overview of the current status in all the subscribed channels.  

It would (···0.5s) show your followed threads and unread conversations, and then would, you could open up a conversation directly from that home view or reply without having to go down into that channel. So  

and answers. (···1.3s) So we've got a question from Alex, uh, that says, for the custom shifts layout or passport revisions, can we set which leadership tiers have authorization to make the changes?  

Uh, I can tackle that one. Go for it. Um, so the answer to that one is yes. Uh, one click app is very customizable. Um, and the permission tiers, we have access to control all of, um, who has access to which things. Um, so you may want to allow some tiers of permissions to be able to edit the layouts and other ones to be able to like send the breaks, um, or some people to be able to edit the passports and other people to only be able to manage the passports either for themself or only, like if you're a trainer, you can, um, do the passports for the team members below you, but you can't do the shift leaders above you.  

Um, and OneClick has the capability to do all those kinds of different configurations. Um, and you can send us an email at this QR code that's on the screen, um, to have those adjustments made. (···3.8s) Excellent. (···0.6s) And then the next question is from Sarah. Will we be able to toggle from English to Spanish in the app in the future?  

Uh, I guess I'll tackle that one. Um, the answer to that is yes. Um, in the future that will exist, (···2.0s) Yes, we are working on, um, adding that capability, multi-language support, so that that it'll support depending on (···0.8s) who's interacting with it, it will negatively show (···0.5s) in their language. (···1.8s)  

Okay. Another question.  

Will there be a way to connect checklist and tasks to roles in the near future? (···1.0s)  

(···1.8s) so I'd love to hear more about that use case. And Travis, I've opened up your microphone if you want to jump on and talk, um, I'd love to hear you, what you have in mind for that and how that could benefit your organization if  

Travis. (···0.8s) Cool. Thank you all for putting this on, by the way. Um, and I'm (···0.8s) on, honestly not super technical. So, uh, you, you kind of explained some of it already to me through the passport feature, which I haven't explored so much. Um, but yeah, I'm, I'm looking at ways just to automate checklists, (···0.6s) processes, tasks as much as possible without having to (···0.5s) drag and drop, um, assignments based on personnel.  

(···0.7s) And so, um, yeah, if there's a way to connect, like an opening checklist for a shift leader, uh, either position, uh, I think that kind of answers it versus the role, you know, we typically will have a director during, uh, during the morning and during the evening at day and, and during the night. And they have their own processes that, their own checklists that they manage.  

And we have all these different places that people managed checklists and transitions and things like that. Um, but I'd love to have it more based on position or role versus, uh, kind of dragging and dropping, uh, from who's been assigned or who's available from hot schedules, if that makes sense. (···0.7s)  

(···1.5s) So I think I'm hearing you say that (···1.3s) for checklists sometimes, instead of having to manually assign the checklist to a person that's on the shift, it would be more convenient if it automatically gets assigned to like the shift leader is automatically responsible for certain checklists that you've created. Is that right?  

That's correct. Yeah. Travis, (···0.5s) That's a fantastic request and will make a note of that. So thank you for that.  

Thank y'all. Alright, We've got another question from Alex. Our store has been using passports for promotion training from team member or trainer to trainer to team lead leader, team leader. It's been a great tool as a personal checklist of growth and proactive development. We've had great trainers and team leaders from the process. (···1.0s) So it sounds like the passports are already, uh, helping you out, Alex, we're super happy to hear that. (···0.7s) Another question, we have personal checklists that we'd like to keep private, a personal improvement plan for just the team leader and none of the other team leaders.  

(···0.8s) Will there be a way to allow certain leaders viewership activity and not others? Uh, can they be restricted? Do (···0.6s) you have any thoughts on that, James? Um, yes. (···1.2s) I hadn't thought of this use case before. Um, but the idea of having some passports or some, yeah, really a passport that's private and separate from the mainstream one everybody does, um, makes a lot of sense.  

(···1.4s) And, um, so we have this, now we're gonna take this idea and, and keep it in in mind. Um, and we will work towards this work towards that kind of system because that makes a lot of sense and it's, that should definitely exist. (···1.7s) Wonderful. Yes. Thank you for that input. All the input is really good. We're, we're trying to respond and give you exactly what you need. And then from Tamara, is there a way to look back and review checklists from previous days, weeks?  

Is there a report that we can pull for the month or even the previous month? Who completed what and what did not get completed? Um, so there's two questions here. One, is there a way to look back and two, can you pull a report? Um, one yes, you can look back and review the checklist from previous days and weeks. Um, I thought, um, well the, the way to do this is the same way you look back at the previous layouts. Um,  

Um, but yes, it is possible to view the previous checklist from yesterday or the day before. Um, by default you have access to up to a week of, oh, (···3.3s) thanks, you got it.  

(···1.3s) So this is a demo store and so it's all empty. We don't usually drag and drop the people on the demo stores, but just like that is showing you can go up to today and switch that to yesterday, um, or last week. (···0.6s) So another thing to note is that by default it's only showing, like you can only go back a few days into the past, but we can change that setting in your account and allow you to access a month back. Um, if you wanna be able to go back into previous, uh, previous days for a longer time period, just submit a ticket to support and they can make that change on your account.  


(···1.4s) so, um, I don't see any other questions right now.  

We're grateful for your time. Thank you for your input and for helping to make (···1.2s) one click of success. And also we see this as an opportunity (···0.7s) to, um, we, this is a privilege to work with a, (···0.6s) an organization, um, with the values and the commitment to excellence and the commitment to making a difference in the world that one click has. (···0.5s) And we see ourselves, uh, in a unique position where we're able to basically be a pollinator of some of the best ideas.  

And (···0.8s) we've seen that the highest performing stores across the country are (···0.6s) being drawn towards one click and using that as a productivity tool. (···0.6s) And they're sharing the systems and that, uh, that have been put in place and that they've worked out. And in many cases the systems (···0.5s) are very robust and they're used, they're being used, um, to develop team members and so forth. But in some cases there's a lot of tedious (···0.7s) work that has to go into to tracking the implementation of the system.  

And our goal is, uh, twofold. One is we do not want to replace the human interaction, but we wanna support the human interaction. We're trying to provide touchpoint and accountability to help (···1.9s) keep track of the conversations that are happening, the actions that are taking place so that there's visibility throughout the entire team that things are being followed, but that you're (···0.6s) be able to put in (···1.4s) that human touch and that connection that the, the leadership team needs with the team members so that they're being developed and they're growing.  

And also in (···0.8s) order to succeed, like for a shift leader to succeed and throughout the entire organization, we want to, our ultimate goal and we're making steps towards this, is to surface the right information to the right person at the right time so that they can make the best decision in support of their operator to move the the restaurant forward. And so we, (···0.9s) part of that means (···0.8s) cutting out the clutter.  

Like we don't wanna inundate and overload with too much information. We don't want things to be tedious and to create extra work, but if the right (···0.5s) information can present, be presented, um, we're confident that this as the technology solution that we're offering (···0.5s) is in a position to dramatically enhance the efficiencies and the work life balance and the set those overall job satisfaction that your team members can have because they're spending more time (···1.1s) serving each other, serving guests and less time practicing handwriting and other skills and tedious things that are less beneficial overall.  

(···4.3s) So, um, we're coming up on the time that we've allocated, we're super grateful and I think we'll go ahead and wrap it


up. (···1.8s)  

Meeting ended after 00:33:13 👋

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